19 June 2014 / Anna

Good morning!
Just a short one today because I don’t have a lot of time….
Kind of weird but I actually really, really, really like the MTC now. If it weren’t for the food I would say I love it. Devotional on Sunday was Sherri Dew and Tuesday was M. Russell Ballard! He talked about not paying attention to outside views on our church… to just look to the apostles because they cannot and will not lead us astray. I heard about this week’s developments with Ordain Women but it kind of sounded like he was trying to prepare us for something coming up… weird!
The weather this week was a little chilly! It rained for the first time and then yesterday I woke up to snow-covered mountains! I think it’s supposed to warm up though… I miss my weather app the most! Sometimes I beg my teachers to let me have a peek!
Smith Shimai and I are so awesome at planning lessons together. We can finally write our lessons in Japanese straight-away instead of having to translate what we want to say. We are also starting to not even have to use our notes. Our investigators ask the trickiest questions… why they need to have faith before receiving a sign instead of vice-versa, if their friends who passed away will be able to experience the same joy we do on this earth if they receive the gospel, etc. Sometimes I am glad we don’t know a lot of Japanese because we can only answer with very simple, very primary-ish answers and sometimes that is the best way.

This week was crazy because of so many changes. The nihonjin and our senpai left on Monday and Tuesday so the first half of this past week was all about saying goodbye to them. We had our last volleyball game on the hot sand, last temple walk together, our last session in the temple together (we all hugged in the celestial room and it was precious), etc. On Saturday Smith Shimai and I interviewed all the nihonjin shimaitachi and TRIED to explain to them what they would need to do to be checked out on Sunday night because they had to leave at 3:30 am on Monday. Lo and behold on Sunday night we walked into their room to check them out and nothing was packed/cleaned!!! Can’t really blame them haha. So we all worked together that night vacuuming, etc. and got everything done just in time. They were so cute and kept bowing to us and saying thank you! That night there was a knock at our door at 3 am… it was the nihonjin wanting to say goodbye and they also had some questions. We ended up helping them to the travel office and I am so glad we did because it was the sweetest experience!
Our new district came in yesterday… 11 elders and only 2 sisters. I feel so much for those poor sisters, hopefully they will be fine! Smith shimai and I and the ZL gave them an orientation yesterday along with a tour of campus, etc. We will skip class again tonight to attend the Branch Presidency get-to-know-you meeting with them. One of the sisters was best friends with Olivia Callister at UVU!
Have a great week!


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