19 June 2014 / Erin

This weeks was so good and so funny! Yesterday the shimaitachi and I ran into a Japanese man who was on campus. He was really funny and kept joking with us. He told us he had 12 wives, and then he said, “that was a maiko.” And none of us knew what maiko was in Japanese so were so confused when he kept saying that over and over. And then he goes, “it’s a Maiko Jodan.” Jodan in Japanese means joke. So as another joke, he was saying that’s a “Michael Jordan.” And then he started jumping around and pretending he was shooting basketballs. I swear we run into some crazy people here, but I love it.

This week Wilson shimai and I have been doing way better in bringing the spirit in the lessons with our investigators and now I’m like YESSS we aren’t THAT terrible at teaching anymore. We could all feel the spirit and it was a huge testimony to me that as long as we focus on teaching with the spirit, it’s okay if our nihongo is awful.

And then at the end of the lesson we SANG TO OUR INVESTIGATOR. Before I left for my mission I swore to myself that I would never ever sing for a lesson because I am awful and I am not into it. But 3 weeks into the MTC and I am broken. But Wilson shimai really wanted to and I felt bad saying no. So you can just imagine how it went when just Wilson shimai and I sang “families can be together forever” in nihongo in a room alone with our investigator (who is our teacher to make it even more embarassing.) I almost burst out laughing a few times because it was so awful/hilarious.

Every Saturday and Thursday our district plays sand volleyball outside together and it’s super fun. And then we all sprint back to our residence because there are only 10 showers and 30 missionaries. It’s so funny running back because it’s basically a life or death situation… who will get to shower and who will show up to class all sweaty and covered in sand. Wilson shimai and I have yet to lose.

Our teacher taught us this past week about the difference of being busy vs. effective and it was such a good lesson for me. Especially at the MTC, I think we are so busy that we can make ourselves think we’re being effective, getting things done, and progressing when we’re really not sometimes. Our branch president always says a quote, “You have 18 months to serve the Lord and the rest of your life to remember it. Serve him well.” It’s such a good reminder, especially when it seems like I’ll never leave the MTC, that I’m on the Lord’s time and it’s limited!

This past week our devotional speakers were Sheri Dew and M. Russell Ballard and both of their talks were AMAZING! We’re sooo lucky to be able to hear from amazing speakers each week!

Okay so the most amazing thing happened in TRC on Monday. TRC is when people who live in Provo and speak nihongo come in on Monday night and volunteer 20 minutes so we can teach them. They’re members so it’s like visiting/home teaching or FHE. Wilson shimai and I had prepared to talk about prophets. And then we went in a room to teach and we were teaching a nihongo lady who was a member… and she brought an 18 year old non-member friend is going to BYU. The friend’s from Japan and doesn’t speak any English and doesn’t know anything about our church. So Wilson shimai and I started off explaining what prophets are and why we need them. And then I was just like “Joseph Smith was a prophet…” and we went from there and told her about the Book of Mormon. It was amazing because earlier that day our teacher had taught us how to extend invitations to read the Book of Mormon. So Wilson and I reaaaaally wanted to give her a book of mormon so we told them to hold on and then we ran out the room and tried to find a BOM in nihongo. We just sprinted back to our classroom, I grabbed mine, and then we ran back and bursted in the door and we couldn’t breathe and it was actually kind of funny. But then we both bore our testimonies of the BOM and the church. I went first and then Wilson shimai bore hers in English and the spirit was suddenly SO strong and wilson shimai started crying, as well as the member who brought her friend. And I was sooooooooo close to crying and it was the best feeling ever. It is crazy because just that day I had randomly marked Moroni 10:3-5 in the nihongo BOM. SO we had her read it, showed her our favorite scriptures, and wrote our names and testimonies in the front. She was so shocked that she could keep it and she said that she’ll start reading it. It was the most amazing feeling ever. Apparently she is going back to Fukuoka in 8 months and she said that she want to go to eikaiwa now. After we left her Wilson shimai and I were kind of shocked and we then we just prayed because we were so grateful.

I think the biggest thing I’ve felt this week is the joy from missionary work. I never thought I’d say this but I already LOVE being a missionary. It’s the best thing ever and I am so grateful for it because it feel like such a privilege. Even though we’re teaching fake investigators, I am starting to love them and really want them to accept the gospel. Sometimes I can’t believe I have the opportunity to do this and be part of such an amazing thing. But don’t worry, other days I’m like AHHHH THIS IS SO HARD LET ME GO HOME so I haven’t turned completely crazy yet.

Okay, what else, This week it was FREEZING cold. I think it was 41 degrees one evening. The girls broke out their tights and sweaters. But the weather’s finally back to normal now, thank goodness.

Tuesday was the best day every because we sang songs from the Hilary Duff movie all day and my life was made complete.

Okay and I finally seriously messed up in a lesson. Koodoo suru means “to act” and “kodosu” means to kill. Well, I said “when we have faith, we want to act.” But I forgot to hold out the long o’s…. so I said kodo shitai instead of koodoo shitai. And that means “want to kill.” So the investigator started making stabbing gestures and gun noises to try to explain to us what I said. It was actually really funny.

This past week Wilson shimai got 7 packages (it’s her birthday Friday.) Included were a dozen donuts, cupcakes, a huge pan of fudge brownies, candy, cookies, and donuts. And eyring shimai got sent a 10 pound chocolate bar. Soooooooo everyone’s been a little crazy lately from the sugar. Wilson shimai made me eat a cupcake as my birthday present to her.

Okay well I hope you all have a great week, you’re the best!!!!!!!

Love, Erin shimai


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