12 June 2014 / Anna

Hello Everyone,

48 more days!!! Time here is so warped and the days and months don’t really mean much at all. It’s flying by though! Thank you guys so much for everything! Jordan and Julia, you have a letter coming your way. Kayla: write me back! Also send me screenshots of all your instas, I miss them! By the way I see that Flowers/Fowers guys all the time… he said you taught him how to make Mac n Cheese and I told him that’s the only thing you know how to make 🙂 He also said we look exactly like each other! Mom: I love, love, love the pictures and Dear Elders everyday. I will pray for you about YC/GC and all the YW drama. Let me know how YC goes… how many people?? Are you tutoring during summer or taking a break? By the way I took that kanji letter straight to the nihonjin and got it translated haha! I will respond to you separately. The only thing that I need are those socks that fit into flats. I bought some but they are nylon material and I need something more protective. Target should sell them! Also could you send Wet Ones??? Doesn’t need to be ASAP. Thank you so much! Wish I could have some of those whole wheat pancakes. Dad: I was happy to see your nametags! Good job for being technological, I got your electronic message! Dear Elder me IMMEDIATELY after the new stake presidency is called. Also let me know if you mention Japan/basketball to William R. Walker. By the way, has Donald Sterling been kicked out of the NBA yet?

So, our senpai and nihonjin leave for Japan on the 17 and 16, respectively. They got their iteneraries this past week. Dad, I thought you would like to know that the 4 sisters going to Kobe leave at 4:30 am and fly to San Francisco, and then straight to Osaka. 3 nihonjin sisters are going to Fukuoka, and 3 are going to Tokyo South. No idea what their flight plans are. The elders have a funky route and are flying to Chicago first. Anyway, here’s the big news: Sister Smith and I were called as Sister Training Leaders for our zone on Sunday! We’ve been in training this whole past week since our senapi are leaving soon. Okazaki (old DL) and Brown (Berkeley kid) are the new zone leaders and Elder Nakamoto is our new district leader. Crazy! I remember coming in and thinking that the STL and ZL were such cool people and knew so much nihongo and now all of the sudden we are supposed to be filling their spots. As STL Smith shimai and I will interview the senior companion of each sister companionship once a week. We also have to check the departing missionaries out of their rooms and welcome the new ones. On Sunday morning we now have Branch Council and Branch Presidency meetings, and training meetings twice a week too. Let’s just say interviewing the nihonjin is going to be verrrry interesting since they don’t speak eigo and we don’t speak nihongo.

Everything with the doryo is a-okay! Things have gotten so much better. I cringe writing this because I am totally going into missionary mode but I’ve learned to love her for her strengths and talents. It’s not like we will be bff’s after the mission, but I’m grateful she’s my companion because I’ve been learning and growing so much! Sometimes I’ll get super annoyed with her but then apologize later for being selfish because just thinking of myself won’t get anything done.

This week has been a blur! Here are many memorable moments:

-Every other night Klein Shimai and I will crack each other’s backs. It is so funny because yesterday during class she suddenly exclaimed “Yes! Tonight is back crack night!” We definitely could use a massage over here.
– TRC is every Monday night and it’s basically when nihonjin from Provo volunteer to come to the MTC and then have a little FHE with a companionship. They are real people and so there’s no acting or anything, unlike with our investigators. I love TRC! This past Monday Smith shimai was trying to explain how real God’s love is so she ended her sentence by saying “honto ni” like ten times in a row. Then in our evaluation the guy wrote “these sisters are wonderful missionaries” and then in hiragana wrote “honto ni honto ni honto ni” . It was so cute!
-The food here is so sketch. I ate one of Dad’s granola bars for breakfast when the milk for my cereal came out warm. Also the shredded cheese in my salad had mold all over it.
– Eyring shimai and Wilson shimai seriously make up the funniest Japanese phrases. my favorite is “gomenasai, iie, gomenasai” which is “sorry not sorry” LOL
– On Tuesday Elder Quentin L. Cook was the devotional speaker! He mentioned Japan because he had just visited and it was sweet. We were so close!
– My favorite part of the day is exercise when Erin and I run laps together or when we get a really good game of bball/knock-out going with her district. My second favorite part of the day is trying to talk with the nihonjin. Yesterday for dinner I listed off every Japanese dish I know and the nihonjin chorotachi rated them off of personal preference on a scale of 1-10. The sisters are harder to talk to, but usually I’ll ask them what they learned or taught that day.
– Our district ends each night with a mormon message, and sometimes by singing “Jesus Wants Me for a Sundbeam” in japanese. We all stand in a circle and jump at the right parts and it’s awesome.
-We got a new progressing investigator, Mai-san. She is so easy to teach and we are going to invite her to baptism tomorrow. Speaking of baptism, Narita-san has said that he is not ready for baptism both times we’ve asked him. He’s so much harder to teach and Smith shimai and I want to drop him so bad haha.
– Yesterday I hosted the new missionaries! 500 came in! I spent the whole afternoon opening car doors, taking last pictures, watching families tearfully say goodbye, leader new missionaries to get their books, then to their bedroom and then classroom to meet their district. It was so sad to watch the family part but it was cool to show them around.
-P-Day is so great. The provo temple is really cool and I loved just relaxing and actually having time to do stuff like clip my nails.
– So in our textbook it says the verb nozomu means “to desire” and everyone knows that my middle name is nozomi so whenever our teacher uses that verb there are lots of laughs and smiles that come my way haha.
– In the gym they have flat screens in front of all the bikes and treadmills that constantly play mormon messages and GC talks. Pretty cool, right?
– I seriously don’t even know how to spell or speak English anymore. So scary!
– One of our new teachers served in Saporro and he said that when he was there they would get 4-5 baptisms in the whole mission per transfer. He said that his mission president contacted him this past week and said that, during the last transfer in Sapporro, they had 22 baptisms!
– Our district loves to make tongue twisters. Nakamoto’s really good at them and came up with “nakamoto ni nakitakunakatta” because we were learning tai for that day.
– Cleaning urinals at 6:15 am is not the best of situations. They have too many missionaries and not enough service… On Saturday we cleaned the grout in between all the tiles in each bathroom with a toothbrush. Only thing is it was already spotless and didn’t need work!
– For some reason I think too much and it takes me 1-2 hours to fall asleep each night. Hopefully it gets better.
– The whole 3rd floor of our building is for the Japanese missionaries. It’s nice because you get to know everyone, even if they aren’t in your zone. There are two sisters who are companions and their names are Sister Read and Sister Write.

Love you all! Have a great week! Thanks for everything!


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