26 June 2014 / Erin

This Saturday will be our 1/2 way point through the MTC!! Which is really exciting but then I’m like whaaaaat I have to do that whole 4 1/2 weeks over again?! But I think the last half will go faster… hopefully. It’s crazy to think of how much I’ve learned and changed in 4 weeks! I have goals of where I want to be when I leave the MTC, and it’s kind of scary to think that I should be at least 50% of the way done with them. Sometimes I think that I could just leave for Japan right now and be fine, but then other times I think that I have soooo much more to learn that I definitely need every day here!

Last Friday was Wilson shimai’s birthday which was really fun! We decorated our room and had a party for her in our classroom and had so much food that for the first time we just gave it away because there was too much to eat haha. I’m sooo grateful for Wilson shimai… I seriously don’t know what I’d do without her as my doryo (companion).

This past week our teacher talked about Japan and it’s culture, people, food, etc. It made me SO excited to get to Japan!

Our teaching is going pretty well! This past week Wilson shimai and I taught the word of wisdom and the law of chastity… which was kind of hard because our investigator lives with his girlfriend and smokes tobacco. But studying it has really made me realize even more how everything, and every commandment, from God is for our benefit.

The mission president’s seminar ended yesterday! It has been a little crazy the past few days with security on campus, and the main building closed off to all missionaries. But, Wilson shimai and I kind of snuck onto some benches to “study” on Sunday (aka scout out the entrance where the apostles exit.) A bunch of really nice cars were lined up waiting to leave and we sat down right in time to see the first presidency walk out of the building!!! It was kind of surreal because Wilson shimai and I were just sitting there alone with no one else around (except a few security guards) … and we were pretty close! President Monson came out and got into the car with his daughter and they left. And then President Eyring and Uchtdorf stood back and stayed outside for a few minutes so we got to watch them for a few minutes. We were so lucky!!!

And then for our devotional on Tuesday, Elder Christofferson spoke. Elder Anderson, Oaks, Bednar, and Nelson were on the stand. It felt like a mini general conference. Wilson shimai and I joined the choir that day so we could sing to the apostles. Somehow I ended up in the alto section so I seriously had no clue what I was doing because I am incapable of singing anything but the normal notes. But it was still so cool and we could feel the spirit so strongly during the singing.

So, my nihongo is going pretty well. Our teachers have started pulling Talentino choro and I out during Japanese grammar so that we can learn more advanced things. My teacher was teaching particles yesterday and it was funny because he asked me to correct him if he got anything wrong. I really am trying to work on my speaking because it’s what I am worst at. We got a new nihonjin (Japanese) on Monday so I am trying to speak with her as much as I can! I really want to be able to comfortably speak about anything in nihongo by the time I leave the MTC!

Yesterday we got to host the new missionaries! It was so fun but I probably shouldn’t be allowed to do it because I am so bad at handling crying people. I hosted one girl who said goodbye to her family and they were all crying, and then she started crying, and then I was just standing there and then I had to take her away with her bags and I was so awkward and I didn’t know if I should just hug her or pretend like she wasn’t crying or what. Hahahaha Wilson shimai almost killed me when she heard that. Don’t worry, I’ll do better next week! Probably should bring some tissues of something. One elder who entered yesterday turned 18 that morning!!!! Seriously crazy. I talked with another elder who is going to iceland, speaking icelandic.

Okay, thanks so much to everyone for your letters and dear elders! You’re the best.

Erin shimai





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