03 July 2014 / Anna

Hello Everyone!
Things are all good here… time is just going slow! If I was learning German or Italian or Portuguese my 6 weeks would be up and I would be leaving on Monday. I’ve only got 25 more days but I think these last couple weeks are going to be a real struggle because we are so close but also so far from Japan. Oh well!
Ok so this week we gained a third investigator. It’s gotten so crazy because sometimes we teach three lessons a day and we don’t have much time to prepare, but it is good practice for the field. The really cool thing about our progressing investigators is that they are “fake” in the sense that they are really our teachers pretending the be other people. But the people they pretend to be are actually real investigators that they themselves taught in the field. So when Smith Shimai and I pray outside the classroom door and then knock it’s like we are teaching a real person with real problems.
Exciting investigator news: We’ve been having the HARDEST time with Narita-san. We are probably on our 20th lesson and not one companionship has gotten him to commit to baptism yet. Smith Shimai and I were making great progess so we asked him if he would be baptized and he asked if he could pray about it and we were like OMG YOU ARE AMAZING. 3 weeks ago he was refusing to pray and now he’s asking to do it to gain and answer! So for our next lesson we just assumed he would say no to baptism again so we had this whole lesson plan laid out about his concerns and how we were going to ask him all these inspired questions. So we get into the lesson and asked him if he prayed about baptism and he goes “yes and I think I should get baptized”. Smith Shimai and I were seriously in shock.. we just stared at him for like 5 min and then had to ask him the same question 3 more times. And then we just kept saying “arigato” and “baputesma ni yotte Narita-san wa suburashii shukufu o ukemasu”. And then I slipped Smith Shimai a note that said “ummm….?” because we were still in shock and had NO IDEA what to do next. Once we walked out of baptism we laughed and then cried and then laughed some more because we couldn’t believe it! Seriously the best feeling ever just to watch someone progress and understand why they need the gospel and come closer to Christ. It sounds weird because it was “fake” but it felt so real.
I hosted again yesterday! One of the girls I hosted is going to Indonesia… she was told to bring a laptop and swimsuit!! The girl Smith Shimai hosted brought her cell phone into the MTC and Smith Shimai had to confiscate it. Devotional was good this week… both from the Seventy. Smith Shimai and I have our Daily Planning and studying down. We basically are the only ones who actually do what we are supposed to and pray and plan for our investigator’s needs and then mogi during all of companionship study. We love it and are so convinced that is why our lessons are going so well. Our teachers are also super impressed so they have us go around to the other zones and teach them our plan, study and teach cycle. One other thing… Tuesday was Canada Day so we all wore red and had real maple cookies to support Smith Shimai… so fun!
Ok I am out of time! Enjoy the 4th of July for me… I am dying that I will be in here for it. I love you all!


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