03 July 2014 / Erin

We only have 3 1/2 weeks left in the MTC!!! It’s crazy and I’m so excited! The weeks here go by so fast, it’s the best thing ever. On Monday the group that came in before us is leaving, so we’ll be the oldest missionaries here!

So last week I was feeling kind of down because I felt like I wasn’t spiritually progressing as much as I needed/wanted to. But then I read Ether 12 and it was the best and now I love the Book of Mormon even more. Seriously though, it’s amazing how much the scriptures can help you. Speaking of scriptures, SEMINARY IS REAL. Seriously all the time in lessons or when I’m studying I think of a scripture mastery that I memorized in high school that would be PERFECT for our lesson and to answer the investigator’s question. But then I can’t remember where it is and then I spend my time wishing that I had worked harder and payed more attention in seminary so I could actually remember where each scripture is. Seminary is such good prep for a mission.

Each night we get 7 1/2 hours of sleep, which is a lot, but for some reason we are soooo tired when we wake up. And it doesn’t make a lot of sense because we spend all day sitting in chairs. It’s so funny here because you can never tell if someone is sleeping or saying a prayer. When we study outside there’s usually an elder sitting on a bench with his eyes closed and arms folded and head down. And usually ten minutes later he’s still in the same position. We always try to guess who’s completely asleep or who’s saying a very intense prayer… it’s always really hard to guess.

A week and a half ago we got three nihonjin, one sister and two elders, who are only here for 2 weeks because they’re serving in Japan. They are the best and we love them so much. Wilson shimai and I love to eat with them and ask them a ton of questions. It’s their first time in America and the elders LOVE the MTC food. They said their favorite American foods are french fries and hamburgers… and they each get a hamburger every day. It’s been so good to talk with them and practice nihongo. Our district is really bad at speaking nihongo outside of class, so we’re trying to get better at it.

Each Sunday before relief society, we watch the broadcast of music and the spoken word by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Before the mission I don’t think I would have watched it for even 5 minutes because it would have been boring. But I love it here! Ever since coming to the MTC I have actually really enjoyed church hymns and music. Sometimes I’m like AHH I’m changing… but it’s a good change so I’ll go with it.

Our Sunday devotional was given by the MTC managing director or something like that (I’m awful and can’t remember.) But anyways, at the beginning he had all the missionaries with siblings in the MTC stand up. There were only a few of us and I was in the front so he pointed to me and asked me where my sibling was. I pointed to Anna, who was standing way behind me in the stands, and said that she was my twin. This was all in front of 2,000 missionaries. So that was my claim to fame this week. Afterwards, some random missionaries came up to me and said that they had thought I changed outfits during the day because they would see me twice in a day wearing different things. I swear some people are blind because my hair is a good 6 inches longer than hers!! Before that, a missionary came up to Anna and I when we were together and asked if we were related. We said no, we had just met in the MTC. He totally believed us and was freaking out and was telling us that our families had to be related somehow. Hahahahaha some people…

Okay I have no more time but just have to say that we hosted the new missionaries yesterday in the 97 degree heat… I almost died pulling all their luggage around the MTC and running back to get more missionaries! On Sunday we watched a video by Elder Holland about how to teach and it was really good… so inspiring and I loved it!! I also have been really loving the personal study and companionship study time we have everyday.

Thanks so much for all the e mails and letters!
-Gazdik shimai


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