10 July 2014 / Anna

Hello Everyone!!!!
This time at the MTC is almost done! I can’t believe it and every now and then I will freak out when thinking about how soon I will be in Japan! Ok so this week was a really awesome week and I really hard week. I’m going to go day by day:
Friday: July 4th! All of us sisters had picked out our red, white and blue outfits the day before so we were all set. It was just exciting to have a day that wasn’t just another day, but to have at least some meaning to it!! That night we had a special 4th of July devotional with a bunch of patriotic music and stuff. Then the whole MTC watched “17 Miracles” together… I had to sit by Kaneko Shimai and translate the whole time which was lol because basically all I ended up saying was “shinimashita” (they died) and “sore wa hoka no shukuku (that’s another miracle)”. I think she understood though! Right after the movie it was 10:00 which is when we are usually in our bedrooms getting ready for bed. They announced that they would let us go outside and watch the Stadium of Fire fireworks!! We were outside until 11 or so just taking pictures and having fun. It was nice to have a break and remember that we are all just 19. They also had MAGNUM BARS… which I was freaking out about. I went ahead and ate 2 because there is no way they I will be getting anything that good for 16 more months!! We didn’t get to bed until like 11:45 but it was worth it!
Saturday: Definitely felt the effects of less sleep after 6 weeks of always getting 8 or so hours. Haha we were all acting like zombies the whole day! Also a really bummer day because our lesson with Narita was horrible and then I started worrying too much and just stressing about how I need to be able to teach with the spirit and understand what the investigators will experience in order to be converted or else there’s no point in being a missionary. Sometimes it’s just really stressful here because, even though it’s not real yet, I feel like there is this huge burden on my back because if I am not always doing my best then all these people won’t get to know who they really are and that they have a Heavenly Father, etc. Ok sorry for this depressing day but I was having a hard time and just trying to explain how I was feeling!
Sunday: Utah has been so, so, so, so hot lately and so our temple walk in 95 degree weather in the middle of a 24 hour fast was so horrible! It was still worth it to get outside the gates though. That night we had to say goodbye to our nihonjin(Japanese missionaries) because they were leaving early Monday morning. So sad! Kaneko Shimai and I will be friends forever. We already exchanged all our info and have plans of meeting up again! I love her so much. The chorotachi (elders) were so awesome too, I will miss them so much! As we parted ways and said goodbye the two chorotachi stood and saluted Smith SHimai and I and it was so cute.
Monday: Honestly can’t remember what happened except for the usual gym and study and study and study. Our lesson with Narita was really awesome though!
Tuesday: Devotional with Neil L. Anderson! He talked about the Holy Ghost and it was just what I needed to hear so after that devotional I was feeling really awesome.
Wednesday: A hot, hot, hot day!! Started with service… we got to raise all 32 flags again and we put Japan right in the middle of the semi-circle. We were asked to host again so it was back to the curb for us! We had 3 new districts of Japanese missionaries come in… and they don’t leave until September!! Out of the 25 or so new missionaries only 2 are sisters!
Ok have to run! Have a good week!


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