17 July 2014 / Anna

Ok I have like zero time today so this is going to be short, but that’s ok because this week was pretty chill.

Only 10 more days!!! The freak-out hasn’t really started yet… our schedule won’t change until next Friday when we have in-field orientation for 9 hours straight… yikes. Overall we are just getting a little more excited but also so stressed and nervous!!

On Sunday morning I looked at Durney Choro in my district and said “I am guessing that you and I will give talks today”. Well sure enough we were sitting in sacrament and he and I were called up. I couldn’t stop bragging for the rest of the day about how I pretty much received straight up revelation haha. The topic was enduring to the end and thankfully I had prepped. The only thing was the 1st counselor in the MTC presidency and his wife just happened to pop into our branch that Sunday so that was pretty nerve-wracking, but also not so much so because they don’t understand Japanese haha.

On Monday we got our new nihonjin! 4 sisters and 4 elders, all leaving with us to Japan but none to Fukuoka. This group is super cool though and we love them so much.

On Saturday my district started this game called Tanaka-san… basically every day we pull names and if you pull Tanaka-san you aren’t allowed to speak English that whole day. The thing is nobody knows who Tanaka-san is. At the end of the day everyone votes for the person who they think was Tanaka-san. Because you win if you have the most points, you don’t want to speak English at all even if you aren’t Tanaka-san because you want people to think you are. I hope this makes sense! Basically for 3 days straight our whole district was just speaking Japanese. It was so, so awesome because we were able to still communicate and figure out new ways of saying things. For example, saying a person who draws if you don’t know the work for painter. It was hard to plan lessons and everything without English but we did it! Today we are taking a break because it’s mentally exhausting, but I love this game so much!

What else… the chorotachi have waged a spoon war on me… they smuggle spoons out of the cafeteria and secretly hide them in people’s pockets, etc. Yesterday I found on IN MY WATER BOTTLE THAT WAS FULL OF WATER. I refused to drink out of it the rest of the day so I almost died for dehydration. From there it just escalated between us. Jordan, I need ideas to get them back!! Which I probably shouldn’t be asking for but oh well.

Devotional has been in the Marriot Center this past week because the gym at the MTC is being resurfaced… ahhh I die every time I go in because it is a flashbak to bball games. Also weird because I walk right past my old dorm.

Skype last night was good… a nice nihonjin who lives in Nagoya!

Ok sorry that wasn’t much but that was honestly all that happened this past week… we are all just counting down the days and studying hard and even starting to organize, pack and stock up on deodarent. I love you all so much! I am so so so excited to be in Japan soon!!! Travel papers tomorrow… can’t wait. There are 40 of us who came in on May 28 who are all going to the Southern 4 missions. With the 8 nihonjin and 4 more fast-trackers, that’s about 50 of us who should all be leaving on the same day! I really, really, really hope we all fly to Tokyo together #besttenhoursever


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