17 July 2014 / Erin

WE ONLY HAVE 11 DAYS LEFT IN THE MTC. Everyone is starting to panic/freak out. But I’m seriously just so excited! But I’m sure I’ll start to get nervous as we pack up! We get our travel plans tomorrow and have in-field orientation next week! This past week has been kind of hard because I have just been wanting to get to Japan so bad! But at the same time I’m loving the MTC more and more; I’m already so sad to leave. It’s funny because I see other missionaries all the time and for some of them, I think, “wow, they’ve been here forever.” And then I realize that I came in a few weeks before them.

So the Provo temple was closed for two weeks for cleaning. Last p day, our district got to help clean. The shimaitachi got the best job because we got to clean the chandeliers. Wilson shimai and I stood on scaffolding so we could reach the chandelier, and we had gloves on and got to take off each piece of crystal. We had to go super slow and use two hands and it was kind of stressful because I was scared to death I was going to drop one. I’m actually really surprised I didn’t! It took forever to just do one chandelier. And then we cleaned each piece of crystal and put them all back on again. So cool. I told Wilson shimai that I’m going to have a chandelier in my house… one day. I should probably start saving up now.

A new batch of Japanese missionaries came in last week. One Elder is a twin… and his twin has already left the MTC and is in Japan!! They both got their calls on the same day and both got called to Japan, but their report dates to the MTC were 10 weeks from each other. It made me realize how blessed I am to be going through this experience with Anna!

Yesterday our teacher talked about our mission experience, and his words really stuck with me. He asked us what we would have learned if our mission ended right now. At first it seriously made me panic/super sad because I don’t want to leave… I’m loving this! But it was such a good way for me to think about my goals and how I’ve been living. The same thing applies with life, callings, etc. If it ended right now, would you be satisfied? What do you wish you would have done? What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned? I would wish that I would have focused more on my purpose and the Lord. And that I would stop doubting and stressing and just have faith and try my hardest every single day. And then after I thought this, I was like……. wait, why am I not actually doing this all the time?!! It was a good lesson… I’m so thankful for the amazing teachers we have.

Sunday was a busy day… Wilson shimai and I taught in our district meeting. Our topic as enduring to the end. We talked about how enduring to the end isn’t just enduring and barely making it, but it’s a process of becoming better and fulfilling our potential. I learned a lot while we were preparing for the lesson and now I loooooove enduring to the end. It’s so cool. After our district meeting, we had sacrament. All the missionaries in our branch are supposed to prepare a talk every Sunday. And then the branch president picks who will speak at the pulpit. During sacrament meeting. Without telling the speakers. So the speaker has a good 4 seconds to come to terms with the fact that he or she will be giving a talk in Japanese before it’s their turn. You can probably guess that the speaker this Sunday was……me! Since Wilson and I spent the week preparing for our lesson, I didn’t have time to prepare my talk in Japanese… I had just written my main thoughts/points in English. So sacrament meeting went like this. Branch president: “our first speaker will be sister Gazdik.” Me: “……………dang it.” Branch president: “sister gazdik, you may now come to the pulpit.” But it actually went really well. It was a really good experience to see how much I’ve improved. It was so cool that I was able to give a whole talk in Japanese without reading it or anything. And now I have my talk over with!

Okay I’m trying to think of anything funny that happened this past week. The elders in our zone have started this thing at lunch where they “spoon” people. So they stick spoons into the pockets of the elders/sisters sitting next to them at lunch without anyone noticing. A few days ago Wilson shimai was laughing at me because I walked out the the cafeteria with a spoon in my pocket. And then a few minutes later she realized she had 2 spoons in hers. Seriously you can tell that we’ve been here too long haha.

Okay, thanks for all the emails/letters!


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