24 July 2014 / Anna

So last week I sent an email saying things were just the same as usual and then the next day everything changed!! We are all going crazy lately, saying goodbyes, stocking up on essentials, staying up late to organize and pack, etc. We have been here so long that I can’t even remember life outside the MTC and it’s hard to remember that we are actually going to be doing real missionary work pretty soon. I am so excited though and just get more and more happy everyday!
This week was a week of “lasts”: last time playing basketball together with all the Japanese sisters, last time running that 2 mile course with Klein Shimai and Erin, last lesson with our investigators, last Tuesday devotional, last time cleaning toilets at 6 in the morning (hallelujiah!). It is sad but it is so good at the same time. It’s just crazy that next week I could be living right next to the ocean in Okinawa or in the city in Fukuoka or in some small country town.
Yesterday Smith Shimai and I had the best Skype session ever… we were so happy that we ended TRC that way. We also did “People And Your Purpose”. Erin did it 2 weeks ago and I don’t know if she told you about it or not. Basically it’s an orientation for all the new missionaries who came in yesterday. Smith Shimai and I were asked to go into a room of 50-100 of these new missionaries, where an investigator would be waiting for us. We had microphones and were supposed to get to know the investigator, establish expectations and lead the conversation in a direction so that we could start teaching about the gospel. We were like so nervous and freaking out but it ended up being really fun!
Not much else to say this week… next week’s letter will make up for this one for sure! So excited to let you all know where I will be and who my companion is, etc.

Love you!


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