24 July 2014 / Erin

Sorry this is going to be super short because I have so much to do to get ready to leave!

This past week has been soooo slow… I think it’s because we’re all counting down every minute until we get to Japan! Everyone is getting super nervous. But I’m still just really excited! I kind of feel bad because everyone has no clue what Japan’s like, while I kind of feel like it’s my second home. We finished our lessons with our “investigators” this past week. It was actually really sad… I’m going to miss teaching them! We have training for the field tomorrow, packing and cleaning on Saturday, a departure devotional on Sunday, and then we’re off early Monday morning. It’s crazy!

I’m so grateful for the experiences I’ve had here! I’ve learned so much and really have had my testimony strengthened. I’m so excited to see where I’ll be in a week… even though I don’t know exactly where I’ll be in Japan or who I’ll be with, I know that I’m meant to be there. I am so grateful that I get to go to Japan and teach people about Christ so that they can find real happiness and discover that Heavenly Father loves them and knows each and every one of them. It’s so cool.

Also I think it would be a disgrace to send this email and not mention the fact that in 4 days I will be done with nasty cafeteria food and will be eating Japanese food for the next year and a half!!! Greatest miracle yet.

Okay seriously so sorry this is the shortest thing ever, but I have to go!


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