Anna / 11 Aug 2014

Hello Everyone!!

Everything is awesome! Usually about 1 day of the week I freak out because I feel like I can`t even do missionary work in English so I`m just worthless here, but the other 6 days I love Japan and love being on a mission and love what I am doing!!

We have had a ton of finding miracles this week… just running into really awesome people who want to hear what we have to say. We ran into one lady on the street and she was super hesitant to give us any info so we told her to meet us in front of this supermarket in 5 days. Well, she totally showed up 5 days later and we taught her in the middle of a parking lot!! It actually went super well. We had 2 more crazy awesome stories like that.. things just turning out when they shouldn`t. We made a goal to see a baptism before Sis Burgon goes home so this week we want to find someone who is prepared for our message. Wish us luck!

Ok here`s the rundown:

Tuesday: This lady in our Eikaiwa class invited all 8 of us missionaries to her house for a koto lesson… it was so so so cool!!! She fed us a super nice lunch and then we all played `Sakura` together.

Wednesday: The Elders took us to one of their lessons to `pass-off` their investigator because they cant teach females. Dad, this girl is Reggie White`s son`s daughter!!! She was super cool and invited us back for a Takoyaki party!

Thursday: We have some people we teach in Takaya so we bike out there once a week… only thing is it`s an hour away on bike, all uphill and we went on the sunniest, hottest day ever!! I fully expected an ambulance to be waiting for me in Takaya because I thought I was dead. Good thing was I picked up my bike that morning… love it!!

Saturday: It was rainy allllll week. Wet suit all day every day. The only problem is you sweat so much in the wetsuit that you end up all wet anyway so it`s a toss up on whether or not it`s worth it. Lol quite the ordeal to stuff the skirt in and everything. Well anyway the mission home had been texting us all week, telling us to have extra food and water in storage. On Saturday they told us not to ride our bikes. Well Saturday night the typhoon hit!!! Burgon Shimai and I stuck close to our apartment and just knocked on houses. The wind and rain were CRAZY and people thought we were insane. They kept telling us to go home because it was dangerous. We had lots of doors opened though because people thought we were these lost gaijin who needed cover in the rain or something haha. It was actually quite fun to be out there in the dark storm. We finally had to go back to the apartment 30 min early because it was too crazy.

Sunday: Guess what?? Burgon Shimai and I got TWO of our investigators to church!! We were freaking out! We had the whole zone pray for Fujimoto san`s birds. Well her birds were genki so she finally came to church for the first time!! It was the best! On Sunday there were 10 missionaries 5 members and 9 investigators.

Ok no time I have to go! Love you all!


Apartment Kitchen





Playing the koto


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