Erin / 11 Aug 2014





I’ve survived another week… I don’t really know how, but I’m here!
It’s been a crazy, busy week but it’s also been really great. Still
settling in and figuring out what’s going on! The good thing is that
I’ve become really good and nodding and responding in conversations so
I look like I know exactly what’s going on. Bad thing is, a lot of
the time I don’t actually know what the heck anyone is saying.

This week we had a miracle while we were housing! Seriously no one
ever comes to the door when we buzz in… They just tell us to go
away. But on one of the last doors we rang, a lady hurried out of her
bath and actually opened the door for us and was super nice. We were
so surprised that we asked her if she was a member because we thought
that there was no way anyone would do that hahaha. But she was
interested and we were able to give her a Book of Mormon and talk to
her for a while. So cool!!! It’s crazy how little things like that
make us so excited. But I’m so grateful for her and her willingness
to listen!

It’s been SO hot… one day it was 95 degrees, plus humidity. And we
rode for 45 minutes up a hill. In the middle of the day. In a skirt.
Okay sorry for complaining but I consider it a miracle that we lived
through that thing. We were biking to a square so that we could give
our flyers, but it was so hot that the usual busy square was
completely empty. Tough day!

On Wednesday we go to seminary with the youth to try to help them out
a little. We also taught kid’s eikaiwa (English class) and normal
eikaiwa for adults. I taught the intermediate class and it was the
best thing ever because I could speak English! But it’s funny because
I’m learning Japanese and they’re learning English, so it’s hard to
communicate. The people there are so great though… None of them are
church members but they are so nice and so interested in us.

On Wednesday funakura shimai (one of the other missionaries for our
ward) and I were able to teach a lesson to O san, who’s been
struggling because her husband is against the church and won’t let her
get baptized or even come to church anymore on Sundays. We shared a
message about faith with her and I told her about my grandpa and how
his family was against him joining the church. I showed her pictures
of my grandparents and our family and told her how grateful I am for
his faith and courage. Because he had such strong faith and chose to
follow Christ, I have been blessed to grown up in the church and am
now in japan teaching others about the gospel. It really made me
realize how blessed I am to have this gospel… And how grateful I am
for my family!

I got to go on exchanges this week because my comp is STL. It was so
fun to be with someone else and dendo in another area.

So there was a typhoon this past weekend and we got a lot of rain and
wind. I don’t have a rain suit so I spent a lot of time soaking wet.
On Sunday evening it was really windy and stormy but Bickmore shimai
and I still wanted to bike and visit a less active. While we were
biking it was so windy that our tires got lifted up for a second. So
scary!! And now I’m actually grateful for the heat and sun.

So we are supposed to use Facebook in this mission. I got on this
past week and it was soooo weird. And sad… Definitely made me miss
everyone and everything going on at home a lot more. But I hope it’ll
end up being a good experience for me and the people we teach and

Okay let me think of some japan things… I keep biking and walking on
the right side of the road instead of left. I love the food so that’s
not a problem! I forgot how annoying it is to have to sort out every
single piece of trash… Since we’re in Tokyo and there are so many
people, they have a crazy intense trash system. People love my hair.
And that’s about all I can think of!

Well, I’m still loving Japan and I’m grateful to be here. It’s been
hard, but I know that it’s worth it. Thanks you SOOO much everyone
for your emails. They help me so much.

Love you!

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