01 Sept 2014 / Anna

Hello Family,

Thank you so, so, so, so, so much for the awesome package!!! I loved it and now the poster is up on my wall!! Jordan, tell Hunter and Seb they are the coolest.

Well this week was interesting. We had a different schedule, lots of prep for the open house (I will talk about later) and all our investigators could not meet so we had very little dendo time.

1. On Tuesday we had a zone p-day… which was playing soccer in the hot sun in Hiroshima. It actually turned out pretty fun. We cooled off by walking in a river… which I am sure was a pretty funny sight to anybody who passed by. Burgon Shimai was like `I didn`t pay twelve dollars to come and only play soccer` so she dragged all the sweaty elders to the Hiroshima Art Museum which ended up being too expensive. It was probably a good thing because the gift store was full of nude paintings. We settled on this really authentic gelato.

2. I got in my first little bike accident… it was all my fault and I didnt turn my bike enough and hit a curb and flew into the street. Thankfully no car was right there. I was mostly just really embarrassed but my feel are pretty scraped up because my shoes flew off while I was in the air.

3. The open house!!! The missionaries and our mission leader, Toma, have been working so hard and putting so many hours into this open house for our ward building (which is actually a room). 41 people came and there werent enough seats!!! It was such a happy night. The best part was meeting Kiribayahi Kyodai. He stood up in front of the whole room and just starting taking (I had no idea who he was). And then all of the sudden he says `Miachel J. Gazdik` and I was like WHAT THE HECK?!? So I am having Burgon Shimai translate all he is saying for me. Dad, somehow he knew you were Stake President… I did not tell him that. Well he goes on to talk about Gma and Gpa Hirano and Taku and then ends by pointing to this women in the front row and says `your Mom converted her younger sister`. Well I was just so shocked. It was a really special night and my heart was so full and happy. I just had this feeling like I am exactly where I need to be in Saijo and I am happy that I can carry the torch and run this part of the race and do my turn. Lots of people came up to me after and said they had goosebumps, etc.





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