01 Sept 2014 / Erin

Hey everyone!

Don’t have a lot of time today, but that’s okay because the majority
of the week my companion was sick. Which means I was stuck inside our
tiny little apartment all day for most of the week. I seriously
almost died/went crazy!!! I was dying to go outside and get to work.
At the beginning I was just thinking of all the people I could be
talking to and visiting, etc. .. but then by the end all I wanted was
to be able to move and breathe fresh air! She’s fine now…
Hallelujah! But thank goodness we have iPads. I watched so many
Mormon messages, read conference talks, and got so much insight from
studying all day. I’m using the seminary study guides to study the
bible and it’s the best thing ever… It helps so much! While I was
stuck inside I also cleaned the apartment a million times, did lunges
up and down our hallway, and spent hours contacting every person on
our phone and area book. And at one point I just opened our door and
sat on the entryway and pretended I was outside. I will never
complain about having to work outside all day again!

But, luckily I went on splits for a day, and my comp got better, so I
did get to do something! We had a lesson with Yumi who’s the nicest
person ever. She’s an English teacher for elementary school students
and we’ve developed a really good relationship with her and have
brought her to church a few times. Our whole lesson was about god and
who he really is. Her family’s Buddhist so she prays to her deceased
ancestors. We spent a long time talking about what she would think if
god really existed and loved her and knew her. The best part was the
end of the lesson when we asked her to pray to god and ask if he
exists. She told us that she doesn’t think she will get an answer
because she doesn’t think there is a god, but she’ll do it because she
trusts us and knows we won’t tell her to do something we don’t believe
in. Everyday I’ve been praying like crazy that she’ll get an answer
and feel god’s love and know he exists!! We’re meeting again with her
next week!

Okay fun things:
-We visited a very old couple in our ward who has a 20 year old cat.
When I told them the cat is older than me, they were freaking out that
I was so young. Pretty funny!
-in japan you don’t eat the grape skin, you peel it off. But it’s too
troublesome for me so I was just eating them whole when we went to
visit a less active member. Anyways she freaked out when she saw
me… she thought I was crazy
-my companion talks in her sleep… In Japanese. So cool… Wish I could do it!
-school has started and I am dying over all the little school kids.
We live next to a huge elementary school/middle school and the kids
are so cute!!
-funakura shimai is teaching me how to cook Japanese food! It’s so fun!
– today we claimed a MOUNTAIN. Took 2 hours to get up. At the top
you can see Mount Fuji and crazy views. Except when we got to the top
it started hardcore raining and flash flooding and we were in the
middle of a cloud. So the view was absolute whiteness. Almost cried.

Okay well I’m so grateful to be a missionary! I am seriously loving
it! It’s so hard here to get lessons with people, but just talking to
them on the street makes me so happy. I love leaving the house
everyday and having my only purpose be to serve others and make them
happy. I now know that is how you become the happiest too. This past
week I read a conference talk by elder zivic that said the following:
“He will show us the marks in His hands and feet, and we will join
together in a lasting embrace, weeping for joy at having followed His
way.” It almost made me cry! My sins and mistakes made the marks on
Christ’s hands and feet, yet he loves me unconditionally. How amazing
is it that we get to return to Him. One day I will get to embrace
Him. And I hope I get get as many people there with me as I can!

Love you! Erin






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