18 Aug 2014 / Anna

Hello Everyone!

This week was kind of a stinky week for missionary work… It’s O-Bon holiday so lots of people are out of town. Plus the college is shut down for a month until September so knocking on apartments in that part of town is pretty ineffective. A lot of our appointments were dropped and so we spent a lot of time housing. We have met a lot of people trying to tell us that we can do our best but “Japanese people won’t ever change”. Lots of times when people answer doors they tell us that they are part of “Japan’s religion” and then Sister Burgon will get mad sometimes and say “Well did your God forget about us Americans or something?” Lolz I think it’s hilarious. Well anyway lots of good stuff this week too.

Monday: The elders had a baptism, which is always held in Hiroshima, so our whole district went to Hiroshima for the day! Sister Burgon and I skipped out on the trip to Hiroshima Castle and instead went to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. Mom, have you been there?? It was SO COOL to be in this huge museum and learn so much about such a big event in history… and I was standing right there where the bomb fell!! It was very sombering… they had hair and skin from the victims of the bomb on display. We got to see the “dome building” which is one of the only structures that was left standing after the bomb. The museum includes this huge, peaceful park that B.S. and I sat in and ate lunch in. It was super cool to be in the city and to also go to the museum. Afterwards Okayama got baptized and us sisters sang at his baptism too. Seeing him walk back into the room with wet hair and new church clothes for the first time was the best thing ever. I was just bursting with joy. Afterwards our district went out to eat at MACDONALDS which I was SO SO SO mad about but whatever I took one for the team.

Tuesday: B.S. and I took the train a couple stations away to visit a recently reactivated member. He had prepared a whole meal for us… somehow he thought we could come into his house but we could only stay in the genkan because it was just him home! So we stood there and ate this beautiful meal in the genkan which he was stressing over but it was good.

Wednesday: In my journal I wrote “this is the first day I actually feel like a missionary”. The whole day was spent walking in the sun and having people kekko us through those dang boxes. They don’t even have to open the door!

Thursday: The Elders told us they had a referral for us, and told us to show up at their apartment at 2 with exercise clothes. Well we went to go play tennis! THey had met this group of 10 college students who are on break so they just chill at the tennis courts from 10 to 4 EVERY SINGLE DAY. Well they freaked out when they saw us Americans. B.S. and I had a blast playing against them… mostly because they were pros and we were so so so bad. I channeled Kayla for a couple of my backhands but other than that we could barely keep the ball in the court!

Friday: Ok so on Friday we rode out to Takaya again. Our appointment there feel through so we spent all day housing. We have been asking Heavenly Father for a prepared 30-40 year old woman this week. Well we contacted 50 people that day and had no luck. We rode back on this bumpy country rode in the pitch dark and rain. By the time we got back to Saijo we were soaked from the rain and had 30 min left in the day. We were so tempted to just head back early but instead we just went to this apartment down the street and knocked on doors. Honestly I had just given up and was just doing it to waste time. Well at the very last door this lady opened the door. She had a huge smile on her face and was just so bright. Well she has 2 kids and is about 35 and asked us to come over again. After she shut the door B.S. and I jumped up an down and tried not to scream. It was seriously the best thing ever!! There was just this awesome feeling when we were talking to her. Such a miracle!! We had to say a big thank- you prayer that night.

Love you all!







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