18 Aug 2014 / Erin







18.9image暑いですね!(it’s hot, isn’t it?!)

That’s how I start every single one of my conversations on the street
so I thought it’d be fitting for the email. I’m pretty sure I repeat
that in my sleep… it’s still so hot! But it was a great week!

So more about my daily schedule. We wake up at 6:15 everyday, except
on Wednesdays when we go to seminary and have to wake up at 5:30. We
study until noon (personal study, study with companion, language
study, and training because I’m new. So much studying.) And then we
spend the rest of the day doing missionary work! Knocking on houses,
talking to people on streets, handing out flyers at the train station,
and teaching lessons. I’ve only been here for 3 weeks but I feel like
I’ve been doing this for my whole life.

So this past week we went to visit Mさん, a lady who has been in contact
with the church for 2 years but doesn’t really have any interest. She
cancelled her appointment but we were feeling like we should still
visit her anyways, so we rode over to her house. She’s actually a
cook for a big dorm building for college students so it’s cool to
visit her. Anyways it was perfect timing. That morning she had
gotten in a huge fight with her teenage son and told him to leave the
house. She doesn’t have a good relationship with her husband and was
so upset over what her son was doing. She seriously just poured all
of her problems out to us and we were able to help her and read
scriptures with her to show her how she can help her family. It was
weird because we were two teenagers giving a 45 year old mom parenting
advice. But it wasn’t weird because I know how amazing the gospel is
at bringing families together.

On Thursday I went on exchanges with Funakura 姉妹 who’s from japan and
doesn’t speak English. It was the best day ever because I got to
practice Japanese all day long… And it was funny trying to translate
what we wanted to say to each other. She’s an amazing missionary and
I learned so much from her!

This past week I really learned how important it is just to talk with
people and help them and make them happy. Even if they aren’t
interested in the church, it still makes such a difference to them if
I just listen and smile. It’s crazy how many people we run into who
just end up talking forever because they need someone who will listen
to them.

We saw some crazy miracles this week too! We have 10 missionaries in
our ward and seriously none of us have investigators. We’ve been
working soooo hard to find people but it’s so hard. But this week we
met a few people who were so open to us and what we had to say… and
then came to our activities and said they will come to church. I’m so
grateful for these miracles!!! We are praying that these people will
become investigators.

Okay now to the fun stuff:
– I gave a talk in church on Sunday and was announced as “Gazdik
長老”… Elder Gazdik
-A watermelon here costs $20.
-When we go to member’s houses for meal appointments, we have to eat
everything to be polite or else they’ll freak out. We ate a huge meal
on Friday and then the lady brings out the greasiest pizza just for
the Americans. So cute because she was trying to be thoughtful but I
almost died.
-A guy fell asleep on my shoulder when we were on the train. He was
breathing in my ear. Super awkward.
-high fives here are called “high touch”

Okay thanks so much for your emails and letters!!! It’s hard but I’m
grateful for this opportunity. Yesterday we taught a role play lesson
to a church member. We taught her about who our Heavenly Father is…
And I just started bawling in the middle of the lesson when I bore my
testimony. It’s hard to be a missionary and so far from family and
friends from so long. But during that lesson I could feel heavenly
father’s love for me so strongly and I was so grateful because I know
that I’m never alone. I know there is no way I could ever so this
without him.

Love you!


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