25 Erin 2014 / Erin

Hey everyone!!

It’s been a fun week! I’ve started to really enjoy doing missionary
work and being in Japan… finally!!

So Sunday was the best day ever! So many miracles. We had two
investigators come to church (this is a big deal for us!) One is a
super cute 20 year old named Sさん. We had only just taught her the
first lesson and had her reading the Book of Mormon two weeks ago when
she heard some wrong info about the church and really didn’t want to
meet anymore. But luckily she agreed to come to church and thank
goodness she did because it went so well thanks to our amazing ward
members. She became really good friends with come of the other young
single adults and stayed an hour after church talking with one of
them. I am SO grateful for our amazing ward. Without that girl
fellow shipping Sさん, I don think Sさん would ever meet with us again.
But because she had such a good experience with the people, she went
to a dinner at that ward member’s house with us!

We do lessons here with people that are 30 minutes free personal
English and then 30 minutes about the gospel! It’s a really good way
to start teaching people we meet who are interested in English… We
just make them stay for the gospel part after the English lesson!
This past week we had one of those lessons and it went so well. We
taught Aさん what prayer is and how to pray. She was so smart and had
so many great questions. And the best part is that I could answer
them because we spoke in English hahaha! But we’re running into
problems with everyone we teach because they’re sooo busy with work
and school and never have time to meet. After our lesson with Aさん she
said the soonest she can meet is in a month! Like what!?! We are
working on really making our meetings full of the spirit so our
investigators realize how important this is and meet us more often!

Okay the funniest thing ever happened to Bickmore 姉妹 and I on Sunday.
We were walking to the dinner appointment and we passed an old grandma
who was sitting on a bench. We said hello and started talking to her
and she got so excited and had us sit down next to her. She started
talking with us and rubbing and petting our arms and faces. She loves
Americans and I felt like a doll/was way creeped out. Then she
invited us to her house. And because we never get opportunities like
this we went with her to her house, even though I was still slightly
scared. This whole time she just kept stopping and squeezing our arms
and telling us how cute we were as we walked. We go into her house
and she makes us sit down on recliners and then reclines it for us so
we are both laying down. And then she puts the fan on us and just
leaves into the kitchen and left us lying there. Seriously it was
like we were hansel and gretel. So strange to because people hardly
ever talk to us, never mind bring us into their houses! She comes
back with a knife and melon and then I got really scared. But she fed
us melon while we were lying down and kept bowing to us. When we
finally could get ourselves out of there, she grabbed candy and
shoved it into our mouths with her fingers. And then she kissed out
hands and kneeled on the floor with her head down as we left.
Bickmore 姉妹 and I ran out of there as fast as we could… So strange.
But hey, we left her with a Book of Mormon!

Some fun things from this week:
-we rescued two cats for an old grandma
-eggplant has become one of my favorite foods
-at a dinner appointment, a lady kept piling food on our plates and
wouldn’t stop. Brown 姉妹 (roomie) is the best and kept sliding all of
my food onto her plate while the lady wasn’t looking. I owe her my
-I said the prayer at English class and forgot how to close the
prayer. First time I prayed in English in 3 months!
-A few times a week, go to the eki and give out flyers for English
class. This past week brown 姉妹 made me stand on the corner with my
hair down to get attention. It worked!

Thanks so much for the love!!! I am so grateful for this opportunity
to show others how hey can have a relationship with their Heavenly
Father… And through it, I can strengthen my own. So amazing!! Miss
you all!








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