25 Aug 2014 / Anna

Ok I am going to type fast because I have 10 minutes…

This week was good!!! Hiroshima got hit hard with the rain… serious mudslides that killed 40 people and dozens more are missing. The homes are just sliding off the hills. It is all anyone talks about. The stake is organizing something on Saturday where we can hopefully go and help out. Saijo is safe and fine!

The coolest thing about missions is meeting a bunch of people who come from different places and have different experiences. There is this women from a small village in Mongolia in our ward. She grew up in a hut and only ate one meal a day because there was no food. And somehow my path crossed with hers!! This week we knocked into this man who is part of the 2,000 member crew that will go through the damage from the mudslides and look of dead bodies.

Monday: Thrift store shopping!!! Kayla, Erin and Makell: you would have died. THis place was like heaven. Burgon Shimai and I went finding in the inaka and walked up to this super cool house. We look to the side and there is this little one-room building off to the side of the house filled with beautiful art made from wood. Mom, you would have flipped!! Well we ditched the whole gospel thing and asked the old, cute, traditional Japanese couple who answered the door about the art. They hand-craft them!!!!! We had the coolest discussion and they let us buy some too. It was AMAZING. They would’ve been almost $100 in touristy stores and we got it the real way!

Tuesday: We went and visited Fujimoto-san (bird lady). We had bought 3 ice cream bars and we ate them in the genkan with her and talked about her birds. Well something happened to Fujimoto-san because she has CHANGED. She committed to coming to church and institute every week and reading and praying everyday. Gosh Burgon and I hugged during the lesson we were so happy. We fasted this past weekend so that we could set a baptismal date with Fujimoto-san today. We also decided to go on a little adventure because, with 10 missionaries in Saijo, EVERYONE knows who we are. So we hopped on 2 trains and landed in this teeny place called Nyuno. Well we had to walk up this mountain for 30 min to get to the houses, but on the top was a treasure,,,, 266 houses (we asked for the exact number) and no missionary has been there before! We spent the whole night there… got food from the only gas station in town. They don’t even have any traffic lights. Well it was really cool to be somehwere new and think that we are introducing the church.

Thursday: We bought some karage and ate dinner in Kogayami (sp?) park which is BEAUTIFUL. Also went to institute with Fujimoto… we were the only ones there. Our ward mission leader, Toma Kyodai, teaches it every week and usually only missionaries come so her was so happy to see her.

Friday: Toma invited us over to his house to practice making takoyaki… he wants to have a takoyoaki party next week for institute. We made 75 AND HE MADE US EAT THEM ALL. I was DYING. It was fun to do though!!

Sunday: I had to give a talk at church which I had been dreading all week because the stake president was visiting. Before I went up he looked at me and said “please receive revelation” in broken English and I was like OMG I CANT DO THIS. But it was actually awesome…. for the first time in my life I went over-time… 13 minutes! All in Japanese without looking down at my notes once. I talked about Grandpa H a lot and about the restoration and wove it all together… it was pretty good if I do say so myself. That day in our planner we had scheduled a miracle to happen at 8:15… well we found a family that night to teach and realized much later that we had found them right at 8:15!!!!! MIRACLE!!!! It was so awesome!!!

Monday: Got all dressed up for interviews with the President in Hiroshima.

Gosh I wish I had time to talk about the amazing people we teach and how we found them. Next week!






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