08 Sept 2014 / Anna

Hello Everyone!!

Well this was seriously a week full of MIRACLES. It was the craziest best week yet. Here we go:

-Our mission has been anticipating our September 7th “Miracle Fast Sunday” for awhile now. Our mission goal was to have 200 nonmembers at church… our record before Sunday was only 90. Well Sister Burgon and I made a personal goal to have 5 of our investigators at church, which is basically all of our investigators. Well we worked so hard and it really seemed impossible on Friday but somehow everything pulled together and we had 5 investigators with us on Sunday!!!!! It was crazy… we didn’t know which ones to sit by and focus on, etc. Seriously you could see God working throughout the week… people who refused to meet with us suddenly said they would come to church, etc. IT WAS INSANE and Burgon Shimai and I were just so happy!! Our district had a goal of 15 nonmembers in Saijo sacrament meeting… well we had exactly 15 adults and 3 kids who were nonmembers. Also, the mission reached 208!!!!! BTW in order to get one of our investigators to church on Sunday we had to wake up early and go clean her apartment building with her so that she would finish in time to be able to go to church…. pretty funny sight to see to girls kneeling in dirt with skirts on!

– We set a baptismal date with N-san.. she is the one we stopped in the street and she refused to give us her info so we were meeting with her in the parking lot of a store on a bench. Well we finally got her into the church and BAM the spirit was finally there and we were able to set a date of November 9 with her. Still no info though… she calls us on a payphone to cancel appointments. Happy happy day for us!! Just sad Burgon SHimai wont be there for the baptism.

– My feet are getting much better!! Everything is good!! I showed up at our appointment with F San and she had bought me cream because she was so worried about my feet… LOL!!! I was pretty sick-ish this week but we kept going and I got better.

– Us 4 sisters decided to throw our first Saijo RS activity this week!!!! No relief society so we can do things like that and pull it together ourselves. We had snacks and watched 17 miracles. 2 members and 1 nonmember came which was more than I thought so that was good. Well they were all sobbing and loved it so WIN!!!!

– We had some lady drive more than an hour to come joint with us for a lesson. She is a member in Takasu. We needed a member SO BADLY… lessons just go so much better if members are there. Well she was willing and we felt super bad but it turned out awesome… plus we made her bread so that made everything good.

– We went out to Nyuno again…that is the place in the middle of nowhere where you have to hike up a mountain… this was really a miracle day!!! Knocked on a door and discovered a family who had met the missionaries more than 30 years ago but had moved and had never seen missionaries again!!!! They loved the missionaries and even sent their 2 kids to Utah during high school for a study program. Well they had never seen sisters before and just loved us. We also det 2 more appointments… Sister Burgon and I want to become “Nyuno missionaries” and just get a house up there and convert all 266 houses!!!!

-N San is someone we have been teaching. She is 36, still lives with her parents, bulimic and super unhappy with her life. She just has no purpose and a lot of regrets. She is addicted to tobacco and that has made her a little silly. Well we gave her a Book of Mormon and i thought she would be the last person to ever understand it…. well in 6 weeks she is on Alma 47 and this woman has CHANGED!!!! She is one of our best friends.

Love you all so much!!!


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