08 Sept 2014 / Erin

This week is transfer week…….and I’m staying in Hachioji with Bickmore shimai!!! Sooooo relieved!
There is no way I could leave the people here… Our ward or
investigators. I feel like I’m just getting started and we are going
to see some amazing things happen this next transfer, I’m so excited!
By the way, I can’t believe my first transfer is over! And I’m not
the youngest in the mission anymore! But our roomie, funakura shimai,
is leaving us! Which makes me want to cry a little tiny. But that
means now we will have a completely gaijin apartment… Crazy!

Okay this past week was amazing. We had so many great moments and set
up many appointments for this coming week! We were really lead by the
spirit this week. It was cool because you know those stories where
missionaries have promptings to go talk to a certain person and it
turns out awesome? Well that was totally happening. I was freaking
out and felt like someone in the new era or something. On Wednesday
we walked past a lady sitting on a bench waiting for her bus. And I
felt like I should talk to her. So we turned around and had a really
good conversation with her and she totally took our Book of Mormon.
And then a few minutes later we walked past a lady who was walking
into a bakery. We said hi and kept walking but I felt like we should
go back. So again we turn back and wait for her outside like creepy
people. I’m pretty sure Bickmore shimai thinks she has the craziest
bean ever. But it turns out she knows about the church and we talked
for a really long time. And when she saw us come back and she bought
us bread… So basically I’m going to be hanging out outside of
bakeries all the time now!

Okay I don’t have a ton of time but I have to talk about W San さん!
He’s an eikaiwa (English class) student and fluent in English. He’s
not in the class I teach so I’ve only spoken to him a few times. But
after eikaiwa this week we had a food party and he came up to me and
we talked about his hobbies, etc. He’s about 65 and lives alone. But
anyways, he started asking me about god and how we can receive answers
from him, etc. So we stood there in the kitchen with a few other
dozen loud students and I basically taught him the first lesson. It
turns out he was going to bible study and had spoken to the
missionaries but gave up trying to learn the gospel a year ago because
it was too hard for him to understand the atonement. He kept saying
“the wall is too high to get over. It’s too hard.” And he said no
when I asked if Bickmore shimai and I can teach him again… He’d
given up. So the next day I called him to try to set an appointment.
I talked to him for 15 minutes about how god wouldn’t give him a
challenge he can’t overcome. I told him that I know we can help him
get past the wall. He started off saying no, he had given up. But I
wasn’t going to give up on him! There is no way I was going to let
him go because he needs the gospel so much! At the end of the 15
minutes, we had an appointment set up for this coming Wednesday.
Soooo happy that we have this opportunity. After I hung up all the
missionaries who were in the room with me started clapping… It was
the best! So Bickmore shimai and I are studying for him the next 2

Okay fun things:
-we met a super cute 30 year old woman who had never spoken to a
foreigner before. She was so excited when we said hi to her.
-I fell asleep while praying this week. Officially a missionary now.
-at the grocery store, they have a huge sign that says “daily” right
in front of the milk and cheese. They spelled dairy wrong.
-we had another role play and I cried AGAIN… For the SAME LADY AS
LAST TIME. So embarrassing. But this time she cried with me so it’s
okay… We’ll probably make it a weekly tradition.
-we were on the train and a little 6 year old boy was asleep. We woke
him up to see if he was okay and it turns out he had been sleeping for
2 hours… It was 10 and his school started at 8. So sad! He had no
clue where he was.

Okay thanks SO MUCH for the love!!!! I looooove being a
missionary… It’s seriously the best. I am so grateful that I get
the privilege to be one. Everyday I get to serve others and see
miracles. It’s amazing!!



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