15 Sept 2014 / Anna


Survived my first transfer!!! Our district lost two elders and gained 2 new ones… straight from the MTC. One is a Korean raised in Japan… doesn’t know a word of English but he is HILARIOUS. Well anyway before transfers our district went on a hike together and our Saijo group also had a goodbye party. It was so sad!!!

So last week was our big miracle week… lots of success and happiness. I think I forgot what real missionary work is like because this past week was like a little slap in the face. Lots of dropped appointments which meant lots of housing during the day which meant nobody was home. By the end of the week I was wallowing in self-pity, but now it’s all good!!!

Some fun things this week:
-Sister Lamb (senior couple wife) threw a baby shower for this young mother in our ward. We got to go and play all the fun games and stuff.
– Burgon Shimai and I have been biking to areas an hour or so out and just spending the day there… well the bike rides are always SO pretty.
– We met this man (picture attached) who was harvesting rice. We got to have a good chat with him and then went to go buy some popsicles for him and his family… only thing was we couldn’t find a store in the middle of nowhere. Whoops!

Sorry not much news this week. Love you all so much!!


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