15 Sept 2014 / Erin

We gave the CFO of Sony a Book of Mormon and had lunch with him and his wife in his pent house on the 34thfloor of the sky tower. You could see all of Tokyo from it. LIKE
WHAAAAT best day of my life. We met him and his wife at rajio TAISO
(an exercise group at the park we go to every morning at 6:30.). We
became good friends with them, especially since his English is better
than ours. And then we may or may not have persuaded them to have us
over because we really wanted to make it in that building. Okay no
they actually love us and made an AMAZING meal for us. It was so fun!
And it was on grandparent’s day (a holiday) so we gave them a Book of
Mormon as a present hahaha. These are the blessing you get from
exercising in the morning. Anyways, he’s been to America a lot and
knows about our church and Joseph smith. And they lived in India for
6 years and had 10 servants. Not to mention when they lived in
Switzerland and Taiwan. Probably the coolest lunch appointment I will
ever have!

Okay but back to normal life. We had SO many appointments this week!
It was amazing… I feel like I’m really seeing the hand of The Lord
more and more everyday. And I am so grateful for it! Right now we
have 3 progressing investigators: S San, A San, Y San. I love them
so much! This past week we had amazing lessons with all of them.
Especially S San… We taught her about the Holy Ghost and what an
amazing gift it is. It was such a cool moment when she said that
since she’s met us, she’s felt something different. And she was able
to recognize the spirit in our lesson. BUT then she told us that
she’s moving to Nagoya in a month. LIKE WHAT. Bickmore shimai and I
were (and still are) soooooo upset. We thought we were going to see
her be baptized… There’s something special about her! We we are
meeting with her as often as we can so that the gospel becomes a part
of her life.

Our next door neighbor is an old grandma named E Sanさん. We ran into
her when we were walking home a month ago. Her husband died 15 years
ago and she lives alone in a huge house and does nothing all day. Her
son and grand kids don’t contact her… She hasn’t seen them in 10
years. Bickmore shimai and I have become good friends with her! We
started visiting her every Sunday right after we met her. The first
time she just opened her door amd was distant and talked with us while
we stood outside. The second time she came out. The third time we
walked and talked in the backyard. And the fourth time she let us in
and we looked at her family pictures and got to know her for an hour!
We told her a little about when we believe in about life after death
and eternal families. And finally last Sunday, she quickly opened the
door and welcomed us right in. We talked with her and gave her a Book
of Mormon. And we’re trying to get her to come to a ward activity
this week! She is amazing, I honestly love her so much. After we
left yesterday she made us take so much somen (noodles) home. She is
so lonely and has no purpose… She’s just waiting to die. Makes me
so sad because I feel like she’s part of my family!!!! I am praying
that she accepts our message and gets a desire to learn more. This
gospel could totally change her life.

Okay thanks for all of the emails everyone!!! You’re the best. Want
to just add this quote in by elder christofferson… “Maybe the
greater blessing for us is to have to walk through it with Him.” Okay
just think about it. Yup, it’s the best. Kind of blows my mind.

Okay bye!


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