22 Sept 2014 / Anna


The temperature has dropped the past 2 days… pulled out the cardigans 2 days in a row!! I was actually freezing as we rode our bikes at night. It probably wasnt even very cold at all but after the hot and humid summer my body is not ready for it to be cold!!!! Gosh this winter will be interesting.

One thing I really noticed this week is how important technology is!! I am so glad the church has so many awesome mormon messages, etc. We pull them out all the time, and for this one investigator it is definitely what got him interested in the church. He just cries every time he watches a mormon message. He only wants to hear the lessons if we use videos, so that is how we will teach him. A little difficult sometimes because since we do not have ipads we have to download the right video at the library and then go to the church and set up the projector. It is just cool to see that the spirit can come in so many different ways.

This week was way interesting… definitely had some great spots but also some times when we were struggling:

Tuesday: Craziest day ever… emotional roller-coaster. All of our investigators called us and dropped their appointments which meant we literally only had one scheduled appointment for that week, which was with F San. We decided to bike out to Takaya and housed in the hot sun all day. For some reason people were super mean and yelling at us, etc. Well Burgon Shimai and I were just super depressed and tired and just kept saying “why? why? what are we doing wrong?“ Well miracles happen because right then we found a new investigator. Gosh we just collapsed after we talked to her and I had to say a thank-you prayer right away. That night at our appointment with F San she said something about how we are good examples and followers of Christ and because of our rough day Burgon Shimai starting crying so then I started crying and then Fujimoto san started crying. Hahaha it was so spiritual and sad and hilarious. Well I was glad because we were talking about the Holy Ghost and that lesson and it was so strong. On our way back home we ran into a group playing Taiko drums… SO cool. Well we got home all excited because of the drums… so it was a crazy emotional day.

Friday: Zone Training Meeting in Hiroshima!! It is so fun to get dressed up and get on the train and go into the city. We walked past the Hiroshima Carps stadium right when a game was starting and I was DYING it looked so fun. We are allowed to go to a game if we go with an investigator… so I will start working on that one 🙂 We went to costco for lunch after.

Sunday: We had an American from Utah move into our ward! She is only here for 6 months working but she is SO awesome and has invited us over for dinner every other week for the next 6 months. We went last night and it was so amazing we almost cried. She had guacamole and everything!!!! Plus we all made fresh crepes together becasue she served in France. Mom, she knows Jessica Nye. Also N San rode her bike 30 min to come to church yesterday. She pays to get on a bus to come to the church for lessons too. She is amazing in her sacrifice.

Ok well I love you!! It is SO beautiful here. When the sun is setting over the fields and it is foggy with the mountains in the background… gosh it literally makes me cry. Have a good week!!










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