22 Sept 2014 / Erin

Hey everyone!

It’s been another great week. I loooove Hachioji and Bickmore shimai
and I are so excited about what’s been happening. We had some crazy
miracles this past week. One night we had 30 minutes until curfew and
we needed to invite more people to activities to meet our goal. So we
go out streeting to try to talk to people and we met a 19 year old
girl, Y San. She was nice but in a hurry so we gave her an eikaiwa
chirashi and she ran off. But the next day she came to eikaiwa and
the day after that she came to ping pong night! We gave her a Book of
Mormon at ping pong night and explained a little about our church and
invited her to learn more. The next morning we get on Facebook to see
that she posted a picture of the Book of Mormon we gave her and wrote
about her experience with us and said she wants to learn more about
the book! Bickmore shimai and I were freaking out… But we couldn’t
read the Japanese so we had to go run and find a Japanese person to
read it out loud to us haha. So excited for Y San though… We are
meeting with her soon!

On Tuesday our relief society had a kimono party to celebrate he 88th
birthday of a member who wears kimonos to church every single week.
One of our investigators, A san, is in her last year of college
studying the history and design of kimonos. PERFECT. This was the
first time she’s met any members or been to church activities. Such a
great opportunity for her and now she said she’ll ask her boss to
switch her work schedule so she can come to church! Love her!

And lastly S San… Our amazing investigator!!! (who’s moving in a
month.) She is so cool! Bickmore shimai met her on the street the
week before I got here, and we met with her for her first lesson (and
my first lesson!) my first week in japan. She’s been slowly
progressing and has changed so much. She now comes to ward member’s
dinners, church, ward activities, and she came with us to FHE at our
mission president’s home last night. During our lesson this past week
we invited her to be baptized. I asked the question and I was soooo
nervous. And the sad thing is, she didn’t commit! Her parents are
Buddhist and they use their religion in their work (they’re morticians
or something like that.). So she doesn’t want to go against her
family. It’s hard but it’s up to her to make the choice… We’ll
definitely be trying again and again though :). But the church has
been so good for her… She said that we have changed her life. So

Okay fun, random things:
-for some reason we ran into three girls this past week who love
Hilary duff. I may or may not have started singing songs from the
Lizzie McGuire movie with them.
-I found two 85 year old twin grandmas. They were shopping together
and had matching outfits. So cute.
-I went on splits this week. We biked so much that day that my comp
for the day fell asleep during dinner… So exhausting!
-Bickmore shimai and I taught gospel principles class on Sunday. So
-E San (the grandma neighbor we visit) gave us peaches and told
us that we are colliding and hitting against the wall she has built.
Haha we said that we are going to make a hole in it so she opens up!
-we were housing and gave a lady a Book of Mormon. She was hesitant
about it but we managed to convince her to try to read it. Afterwards
we talked about her husband’s death. I thought of a perfect scripture
for her so I took her Book of Mormon back really quick to mark it.
And then she wouldn’t take it back! I felt awful… Worst companion
ever. I’m pretty sure Bickmore shimai wanted to kill me. Never
making that mistake again!

Okay love you all!











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