29 Sept 2014 / Anna

Hello Everyone!
> Best week ever. Seriously. We partied hard and worked hard and it felt so nice to wrap up such a solid week and look forward to another good one.
> Monday: Pulled out a bunch of money from our wallets and went to Miyajima as a district!!! BEST DAY EVER!! I was in full-on tourist mode and loved every single minute of it. Probably a 1 hour 15 min train ride and then we took a boat to the island. The weather was perfect and we spent all day running around the island and taking in the shrines, ancient temples and statues, expensive touristy shops, new foods, famous sights, etc. I for sure want to go back again but this time just climb to the top of the mountain… apparently it only takes 1 1/2 hours and you get a 360 degree view of everything… yup, going to make that happen!!!
> Tuesday: So the Hikari Ward and Saijo Group had a joint activity… a barbecue from 10 am to 4 pm!! Best news ever for a missionary. It was a holiday in Japan so a bunch of families were there and it just felt like a real ward activity. Burgon Shimai and I had 2 investigator families and a couple other people come… so nerve-racking to make sure they are all ok! I kept going around and asking people to go and introduce themselves to our investigators, etc. Well anyway I loved my experience at my first Japanese BBQ… we all stood around the pits and watched the food. Afterwards everyone split into groups for sports… of course I went hiking. We took the trail to the very top and it was GORGEOUS. A beautiful view of Saijo. That night we had a lesson with F san and watched Finding Faith in Christ with her. We had a member there and it was so, so spiritual. At the end F san was sobbing uncontrollably, but then when we asked her about it she said she doesn’t think it was the spirit, just that someone knows how to make a good movie. So sad and shocking. Here is a women who has been coming to institute and church and lessons twice a week for the past 2 months but just can’t let herself believe what she knows to be true. We are taking a little break next month.
> Wedesnday: So Burgon Shimai and I made a goal to find 1 new investigator by Wednesday night and another by Sunday night. That way we make a goal and pick where to find and God knows what we want to do and will put a prepared person in our path. Last week We found 2 people on Wednesday and Sunday… it is so amazing to see these miracles. Well anyway this week we hadn’t found anyone by Wednesday and we had an appointment on Wednesday night, up until curfew, so we just thought we wouldn’t reach our goal. Well our investigator didn’t show up so in the pouring rain we went and housed for the last 40 minutes on Wednesday night… and ran into a lady who set another appointment with us. Crazy! Also… 2 weeks ago we ordered Hindu BOM’s but ended up not being able to hand them out and they stayed in our bike baskets and got wet that night. We brought them into our building and walked into the elevator… and the man next to me looks at the BOM in my hands and says “I can read Hindu”. We then he took it.
> Saturday: So Shimai’s birthday so we went out and got some Kaiten Shushi ($1 sushi on a conveyer belt that you pick). It was way interesting. I thought it was good, but the whole time I kept thinking “if this is $1 sushi, I HAVE to try the real stuff”… sometime I’ll get there! Ok also Fujimoto surprised Burgon Shimai and I will Kimonos!!! Burgon Shimai got the full-on set with the obi, etc. Brand new and totally expensive. I got the kimono and Fujimoto is looking for an obi to match it. We tried really hard not to take it but she is so stubborn (as you know) and so now I am the proud owner of a beautiful gray and pink kimono. Never worn. So sweet. Also Burgon Shimai and I were just riding down the street and these girls are holding up their smart phones and taking pictures of us… so we get off our bikes and take pictures with them in exchange for us giving them pamphlets haha.
> Well anyway that just about sums up the week… I am doing good and so happy! Really it is so amazing to experience the miracles here, and feel a kind of happiness that you just can’t really describe.
> Tomorrow we go into Hiroshima with a special training from president. I think it will be about ipads… afterwards Naoko is going to come into Hiroshima and we will have a lesson at the Kiribayashi’s and then go to the Carp’s game!! SO STOKED. I will let you know how we hooked that all up tomorrow.
> Love, Anna






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