29 Sept 2014 / Erin

Hey everyone!

Yesterday I hit my four month mark! Craaazy. But I’m loving it here!
I seriously just want to stay in this area for the rest of my
mission… I love everything about it!

So this week we had THE BEST lesson with s san. She basically just
told us her life desires and why she’s really afraid of baptism and
what she thinks of it. She kind of shocked me with how much she had
seriously thought about baptism. She’s scared that she’ll completely
change after baptism of giving everything to the church. It makes so
much sense… It’s so new for her and she’s all alone and she has no
clue what’s going to happen. Bickmore shimai and I were so relieved
because her concerns were all ones that we could fix! I told her that
I felt the exact same way before my mission. I didn’t want to give
everything up and I was really scared I would change. I liked who I
was and I loved my life! But because of my decision, I have only
become better. The person I was changed in a way that would never
have been possible without deciding to follow Christ. Through giving
up everything I had before, I gained more than I ever could have
imagined. This is what the gospel does!! It’s amazing! Thankfully
shiho got it. And at the end, I shared a little bit of my grandpa’s
conversion story and how it took him 3 years from meeting my grandma
to get baptized. S san said that she’ll pray and if she knows it’s
right, she’ll get baptized. She said like my grandpa, it may take 3
years, but she’ll do it. So then obviously Bickmore shimai and I were
sooooooo excited. And we’re kind of hoping it takes a lot less than
three years… Especially since she’s moving in 3 weeks!

Okay other happy things from this week. The elders were walking on a
random street and started talking to a man who was walking near them.
They introduce themselves and then man pulls out a Book of Mormon from
his bag! And he told the elders that sister Gazdik gave it to him!
Like whaaat who keeps a Book of Mormon in their bag? I can’t remember
who this man is or when I gave him a Book of Mormon so it must have
been a while ago (and I’m impressed he remembered my name… No one
can say it here!) But from running into the elders he has already had
a lesson with them and wants to come to church. So cool!

Fun things:
-all of the missionaries brought 8 people to church yesterday! Our
goal next week is 10! It keeps growing!
-I’ve started making meals for all of the sisters in our apartment so
now everyone calls me mom
-we took the wrong train to zone conference and so we ended up having
to run to the church to get there on time. There also happened to be
a typhoon that morning. You can imagine how we looked when we burst
through the doors.
-I got to see the sisters from my district in the MTC this week when
we all went to kichijoji to spend a day doing missionary work with the
youth! Best day ever!

Okay love you all! Thank you for everything!!






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