06 Oct 2014 / Anna

Hello Everyone!
Ok so this week was definitely a bummer… it was just really hard because our investigators all dropped, things didn’t go as planned, etc. Right now Burgon Shimai and I are just wondering “What are we supposed to learn from this? How do we move from here?” It’s so easy to get discouraged, but the only thing we can do is just pour out our hearts to Heavenly Father and always hope tomorrow will be better!

Well, we did have some awesome things happen this week:

Tuesday: We went into Hiroshima for training from President! It was both Hiroshima zones combined, so it was cool to be in a room with so many missionaries. There were many different topics discussed throughout the day, but a big part of training was on how to use media in lessons and on the street. We got a DVD filled with amazing Japanese mormon messages, etc. We should be getting iPads before the end of the year, but it looks like it won’t be until late December 😦 Well anyway after training Burgon Shimai and I were so inspired that we carried around our little ghetto portable DVD player and showed videos in every one of our lessons. We plan to knock on doors and introduce ourselves and say that we want to share a video… haha as you can see we are more than ready for ipads! Ok so on Tuesday we also had the opportunity to go to the Carp’s game!!! It was AMAZING!!! So the deal is that if you go with an investigator, it is totally fine. So here I am as a brand new missionary, living with Burgon who goes home in 2 weeks and Flake who goes home in December. And they were bound and determined to get to a Carps game while in Japan, so we called N San up and invited her, and the other sisters invited their investigator who is a baseball enthusiast and even went to an auction and got us amazing seats for super cheap. It was perfect since we were already in Hiroshima… we just met N San at the eki and walked to the stadium. SO fun and definitely a day to remember!

Friday: So Burgon Shimai and I received a referral for a person who lives in Fukumoto… which is WAY out there. What we thought would be an hour and a half bike ride turned into way more, going up and down the same mountain, trying to find this house in the middle of nowhere. Country people are so nice… we would knock on random doors and ask if they knew where the address was. They never knew numbers, only names. And then they would get on their phone and call their neighboors and ask if they new the person we were looking for, etc. They were all nice farmers. Eventually one lade drew a little map out on a piece of paper and we were set!! Sometimes I am so glad I am out here in the country and can experience something that others will never get to.

Saturday: All of us sister missionaries went over to the Lamb’s and watched Women’s Conference!!! It was SOOOO nice. I have never ever been so excited to GC before.

Sunday: Ok so right now we are teaching the H Family… they are from Eikaiwa. For now we are just teaching the dad and daughter… he is the one who sent us that text about eternal families. Well anyway the (daughter) had a brass band concert in another city, and so the H family picked Burgon Shimai and I up after church and drove us!! The concert was in a oteira (buddhist temple) and it was AMAZING!!!! We love that family so much. Well anyway this temple was in the middle of nowhere and Burgon Shimai and I were the only non-Japanese (as always). So we got some special attention and were allowed to play the taiko drums!!!

Ok well that is about it. I had to pull out my sweaters this week. Boo!! I love you all!!


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