13 Oct 2014 / Anna

Hello Everyone!!!
This past week was so good!! It has been sooooo cold and windy at night… chilly noses, fingers and toes!!! A couple funny things that happened this past week: Burgon Shimai and I set up an appointment, gave out a Book of Mormon and asked someone to be baptized (3 separate people) over the voicebox. We didn:t even see their faces once!! Also it is so funny to hear people talk about you in Japanese when they awesome you can:t understand. And then you just look at them and say “I can speak Japanese“ and they are all embarrased!

Tuesday: we went up to Nyuno again and got talking to 2 high school students in a convenience store. Well they ran off and a couple minutes later their English tutor comes in looking for us… she invited us to their halloween party! Told us she would make us sushi, etc. Funny thing is her daughter studied at OSU. Well anyway it was a miracle because we have been looking for someway to get involved with the community.

Wednesday: A day of “firsts“! First time having a member take me out and pay for lunch, and then go out and meet her referral!! Okamura Shimai came from Hiroshima and we spent the whole day with her, visiting referrals. She used to live in Saijo and has family in the area. It was fun and new, but I did miss biking everywhere. I felt kind of lazy!! But we did get 2 free meals. That night at eikaiwa we played Balderdash and I thought of my family.

Thursday: My first time every to switch up companions! The Sister Training Leaders came and we did exchanges. It was actually awesome and I learned a lot. Plus it built my confidence a lot, especially in getting a new companion next week. A very special part of the day was teaching F san… we had taken a break with her and this was our first lesson back. I was nervous because Burgon wasnt there and we were basically going to determine where she was at, etc. Well we go in and I ask if her birds are genki and she starts sobbing… apparently something happened to them. And she is concerned because she has been praying for them and everything. Well then I shared about my Moms situation, and how sometimes we dont know why things happen but we have to have faith and trust in God. And then I started crying and then Kuchar (STL) started crying and then F san started crying again. Well it was a very spiritual lesson after that.

Saturday and Sunday: General Conference!! All Hiroshima area missionaries gathered in Takasu and watched it with the whole stake. It was just awesome to be with a bunch of missionaries and with the whole stake and to chill and eat a big lunch together, etc. We also got to stay in Hatsukaichi with the sisters there… it was so fun! Also, Y san was baptized on Saturday, right before the first session! He is one of the elders investigators. We will have another baptism next week… that is the 3rd Saijo baptism since I have been here. Our little group is growing and it is so good to see. Well anyway we came back on Sunday to a very drunk Saijo. There was an osake matsuri that was going on the 2 exact days that we were gone. It is a miracle that we were out of town… the whole city reeked and we had to walk past lots of vomit and loopy people on the street. Going housing that night was interesting… lots of red-eyed people answering doors, but it was nice to practice baptism invites, etc. to them because they were too out of it to shut you down immediately. Another miracle… y san was an alcoholic before he started investigating the church. He was able to avoid the matsuri all together with his baptism and GC weekend.

Monday: The whole mission got orders from President to stay indoors all day… we couldn’t leave because of the typhoon!! It ended up not being too bad… just rain all day and very heavy wind. We woke up at our usual time, did exercise inside, usual studies, cleaned the whole apartment, studied some more, organized, baked and then by the time 5 hit we were officially going crazy. We made it to 9:30 though. By then the rain had stopped so Burgon shimai and I went down to check the mail and then danced in the streets yelling “freedom!“ and then ran up all 8 flights of stairs. We were pretty loopy by the time we went to bad.

Ok I have to go!!! Love you all!!






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