13 Oct 2014 / Erin

I sent the normal week update with those pictures last week but for
some reason the text all deleted!! Ahh sorry! But a quick recap of
two weeks ago…

1. S San set a baptismal date! It was the best lesson ever. Part of
the reason was because she bought us Ben and jerry’s ice cream. But
Bickmore shimai and I were soooo happy!!! So happy that we stopped at
a park on our way back home and ate a bunch of chocolate.
2. I forget everything else that happened. Sorry!

Okay now on to this week…

S san came into her lesson and told us that she received an answer to
her prayer about the baptismal date. She kept saying “びっくりした” which
means at she was so surprised. She said that it was an overwhelming
feeling. We were so excited. Buuuuut this is the bad part: the
answer to her prayer was that now is not the time to get baptized.
I’m sad it’s not now, but I’m so grateful that she received an answer.
She now knows without a doubt that God answers prayers. She knows
what he Holy Ghost feels like. That’s so amazing!!! She still wants
to get baptized because she wants her future family to be close and
love each other. We’re continuing to meet with her and figuring out
when she should get baptized!

We had another lesson with our investigator a san, and she said she
wants to get baptized!!! She is so cute and keeps asking how long it
takes to feel the spirit because she wants to feel it so badly. She
is so smart that she really just takes everything in intellectually
and skips the whole emotional part. She came to general conference
and took a ton of notes and said she will have lots of questions for
us at our next lesson. And after we taught her the plan of salvation,
during her closing prayer, she said “this plan is so amazing. I think
that I like it.” Love her!

Last but not least, we got to watch general conference! It’s
broadcast here a year later. It was fun because all of the
missionaries were up in the English broadcast room and we all got to
watch and eat snacks together. I loved general conference so much!!!
I a SOOO grateful for the amazing leaders we have. It was like

Okay fun things:
-we met a lady for Utah at the grocery store and gave her a Book of
Mormon. Hahaha it’s funny because she lives in Utah but is given a
Book of Mormon while visiting Japan.
-I forget my name tag seriously every other day. Now Bickmore shimai
has to ask me everyday before we leave if I have it!
There were ash clouds passing by from the volcano hat erupted week or
so ago… Creepy but cool
– general conference was downloaded on our iPads before the broadcast
here… So everyone read it before watching it!
-we are going to Costco today! YAY AMERICA

Okay THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR The SUPPORT. I would not be alive without it.



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