20 Oct 2014 / Anna

Hello everyone!

This one is going to have to be short and sweet… I am typing on the screen of a little iphone because the computers are all down today and won’t connect to myldsmail.

This week has been so good! October is the best month ever. Burgon Shimai leaves in less than 48 hours… so sad. We are visiting everyone for the last time as the two of us this next day. I will get my transfer call any minute now… I am sure I will stay here, but I am sooooo nervous to know who my next companion will be. I am so stressed about having to plan what to do the next few days, be the one who knows everything, etc. Wish me luck!

Our investigators are doing good, but not really progressing. The H Family so still wonderful… they are like my Japanese family. We had a baptism lesson on Sunday. It was good, but they are slow progressors. However, this is wonderful progress because one year ago they didn’t want to hear one thing about the church and now we are having lessons. F san has come to church and institute every single week for the past 10 weeks. She puts in more hours in the building than our members, but still no baptismal date. It is sad to see. She just cannot overcome her fear to take a step of faith.

We had another baptism on Saturday so it was fun to go into Hiroshima! On Thursday we had a crazy day… biked an hour to Takaya, had 3 lessons, then took the train to Nyuno and watched the sunset over that beautiful mountain for the last time with Burgon Shimai. Then we had to hurry and train back to Takaya and then bike back to Saijo in the dark in 30 minutes to meet with Heidi for dinner.

So today all 8 of us Saijo missionaries woke up at 4:30 am and went and climbed to the top of a mountain to watch the sun rise. It was SO fun . We are all like best friends, and they are awesome. Well anyway it was so foggy that you couldn’t see anything but then we ran into this guy. He is 72 and has hiked up that mountain every morning for the past 3 years, snow, rain, in everything. So we ended up doing taiso with him at the top of the mountain at 6:30. Best start to the best day ever. Tonight we are doing homemade gyoza.

Ok love you all!




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