20 Oct 2014 / Erin

Hey I have like nooo time today but so many amazing things happened
this week! I’ll try to get it all down as fast as possible! But
first, we got transfer calls and… I am transferring AND becoming
senior companion AND follow up training a bean missionary who just finished
her first transfer. She is from Japan and speaks no English.

So, yes, I’m freaking out. I just finished my training two days ago
and now I’m training someone else IN JAPANESE. I am thinking that my
mission president is crazy. My email next week should be fun to read

Anyways, back to this past week. We saw so many miracles!!! And to
top it off fall in Japan is beautiful and the weather everyday was
perfect. I love this time of year! Okay really fast…

Monday: typhoon so we were stuck inside all afternoon. We had a
dinner appointment set with a member family and they were so nice
because we told them we couldn’t come but they drove over in the
typhoon to deliver dinner to us. I love these people!

Tuesday: we were on splits and my comp for the day and I went to
visit a new investigator who hasn’t been answering us lately. Long
story short: her and her husband were SO drunk. We sat down for a
lesson and the husband picked up their cat and started making the cat
dance on me. I was in the middle of explaining to s san that
she needs to make changes to her life if she wants the blessings of
the gospel. And then my comp and I both started cracking up. And
then we got out of there as fast as possible because it was too crazy.

Thursday: MIRACLE of all miracles! We visited our former
investigator, M san. She was way different… Suddenly had
interest in the gospel, wanted to know about God, said she would pray,
and she came to church yesterday!!! She has known the missionaries
for 5 years but hasn’t done anything until this week. She is so
ready… And I’m so sad I’m going to be leaving!!
We had a Skype lesson with S and our AP who happens to be from the
place she is moving to. News for everyone: Skype lessons are way
awkward. Especially when the member refuses to be on the screen
because she’s so shy. It was a funny experience.
Also we went to dinner at the member’s house who feeds us like we are
teenage boys. I had to go to the bathroom after dinner because I
thought I was going to throw up, it was so much food. I even shoved
some of the food in a plastic bag I hid under the table!!

Friday: our members are amazing and make all the difference with our
investigators. We had lessons with A and s and it was the
best! So many miracles because of them but zero time to write 😦

Random things:
-I wake up everyday now at 6AM. I have become one of those people who
have an internal alarm clock and I am so proud #missionlife
-we sit on the floor here in Japan when we visit houses and teach
lessons or eat dinners. Sometimes my legs hurt so bad and are so
asleep that I can’t stand back up… I fell over after a lesson
earlier this week haha.

Okay love you all! I love being a missionary… Seriously so blessed.
It’s like getting a front row seat to see all the miracles in the

Love you! Erin





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