03 Nov 2014 / Anna

Hello Everyone!!

I just spent all my time reading about Mom’s surgery… so this is going to have to be short. But I am so grateful for everyone and all the updates and love and support and everything!
Flake Shimai (from Arizona) and I are WAY busy. We have every hour booked and make calls and plan until 10:30. It is always rushed and hectic but it is so good. I can tell this transfer is going to fly!

Some fun things this week:
-Flake Shimai and I got to go and visit an eldery home and talk with everyone there. We spent a lot of time just nodding our heads and not understanding anything… but I think we put a smile on their faces. It was so fun to go around and visit with each one of them.
– Burgon Shimai came back with her parents! We went to dinner with F san and our ward mission leader. Then we all went to eikaiwa and then we snuck Burgon’s mom into our apartment… haha it was awesome to see her!
– Went into Hiroshima for ZTM. We are going back in a few hours for Zone p-day and will stay overnight for Zone Conference the next day… yeah!
-I looooove being in the country. Flake and I got way lost trying to look for a new investigator’s house. So we knocked on the huge, nice and old Japanese-style house. An old and sweet couple sat us down and cut us some fruit and drew us directions to their friend’s house. We made it to this friend’s house and the friend walked us to where we needed to go. While walking this friend received a call from the couple, confirming that we had gotten to our destination. The same thing happened a couple days later too with different people! Needless to say we will go back with a thank-you “present” (BOM haha). Anyway I am for sure keeping that detailed, pencil-drawn map forever.
-Hiroshima University had a festival this weekend!! It was pouring rain but we braved it anyway… accapela singing groups, fun food and stuff like that.
– The temperature is starting to drop at night… I lost circualtion in my toes and fingers because I keep forgetting my winter stuff.
– I got my first “kaere” (most impolite way to say go home) this past week. This super rude guy basically ran us out of his apartment building. Like Flake and I were literally running away. It was super scary but then really hilarious.

Ok sorry that is it! Love you all!







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