03 Nov 2014 / Erin

Hey everyone!

This week has been hard but good! I have fallen in love with this
area. The parks here are gorgeous and the weather right now is
perfect and the ward is amazing!!! It’s less city than my old area,
and I keep getting excited when we pass by big gardens and parks. So
pretty! The only bad thing is that the people here are… Mean (the
best way to describe it!). Seriously no one will talk to us. People
won’t even say hi back to us or even look at us on the streets. I’m
starting to wonder if I need new make up or something. I’m willing to
go to the extremes here!! Housing is absolutely impossible… The
minute we say “church” people shut off the speaker and shoo us away.
It’s been a little hard on our spirits! But I’m starting to realize
that as long as I smile and try my best to talk and invite, it’s good
enough. I can’t control what others will do. Hopefully Heavenly
Father will send someone our way sooner or later.

But we did still have some miracles! Like seriously a lot. I like
email time because it makes me realize how blessed we actually were,
when it seemed like we failed.

A way cool experience we had this week… We had only 10 minutes so we
decided to street by the train station. We were able to start a
conversation with a lady and give her a Book of Mormon. She was too
shy/scared to give us her number or come to church or anything, but we
managed to get her to agree to meet us at the same place the same time
the next day. She showed up and we had a lesson right there on the
bench in front of the super busy train station. We even prayed in
front of everyone! She was still really afraid to give us her
information or anything, so we met her again yesterday and had another
lesson on the same bench. It was really a cool experience because
even with a million people rushing back and forth and and it being
crazy busy, i still felt the spirit and the truth of our message when
we were teaching. The bad news is that she didn’t set up another time
to meet again… I think she was just too scared of committing to
something that she knew would change her. But I’m hoping that one day
we’ll run into her again!

This week we also had a lesson on the floor of the genkan of an 80
year old woman who should be on hoarders… I sat next to a package of
Belgian waffles and I’m not sure how old they were. I also gained
appreciation for my japanese companion this week because she can speak
with all of the older people whose japanese is soooo hard.

This week we also had elder ringwood from the 70 come and train us for
the day. It was SOOO awesome and I got so excited about missionary

Okay no time but I am so grateful to have this opportunity to be a
missionary. The success we see in our stats and numbers are low, but
I am so happy just to say hi and smile and talk to people and help
them in whatever way I can. Earlier this week during training, I was
telling my companion why it’s so important to testify. And then I
just started crying because I thought about how much I love the
gospel. Haha she thinks I’m crazy but I can’t even express how
amazing it is to know the truth that we know. This gospel is light.
And I get a chance and share that light everyday. BEST JOB EVER.

Love you!






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