27 Oct 2014 / Erin

I survived my first week!

Remember last week when I was all nervous and excited about
transferring and training and becoming senior companion? Now I look
back and it’s like I was like a whole different person… I’m laughing
at my self now! IT IS SO HARD! The struggles:

My companion is really, shy. She’s really quiet and doesn’t even talk to me.
This area also has no investigators. 0. It’s been really hard to
move from a place where we had so many amazing investigators to
My companion spent all of last transfer handing out English class
flyers and doesn’t know how to give out a Book of Mormon and has never
taught a lesson or anything. So the whole training thing is real.

BUT. The panicky, ‘there is no way I can do this’ feeling from the
first few days is gone… we have seen miracles everyday! It’s going
to be so hard, and there’s a ton of work to do, but I’m so excited for
what’s in store here!!! We’re going to find some amazing people.
Quick recap of the week:

-Said goodbye to the amazing people of HACHIOJI. I seriously get a
teary eyed thinking of it because I love that area and those people so
much. The hardest thing ever was saying bye to shiho, our
investigator! She started crying and it was so sad!!

-When I was transferring I got to ride all by myself on the train for
an hour!! I was so excited that threw myself a mini celebration and
stopped and ate at a gourmet waffle shop all by myself when I was
switching trains. It made me 20 minutes late and the people waiting
for me were nervous, but it so worth it! I just told them I got lost
Showed up at my apartment and it was SO DIRTY that I made my companion
go to the store with me and we spent our first 3 hours together
cleaning the house with our brand new cleaning supplies. Quality
companion time!

-SO MANY MIRACLES for the rest of the week!!! I was so nervous
because I wanted to show tamagusuku shimai (my comp) that things will
turn around and we will find people. I was soooo nervous and I was
seriously praying all day everyday for the first three days we were
together that Heavenly Father would people people in our path…and He
totally did!!! The first day we went out together, we gave out a Book
of Mormon in the first 10 minutes. And everyday we have been finding
people and giving out book of Mormons. People who never would answer
their phones before are answering now and scheduling appointments. We
were at the park and I told tamagusuku shimai to pray and pick a path
that she feels impressed to pick. I promised her that there would be
people ready for us on that path. So she thought I was crazy but
chose and then I was basically sweating bullets and praying and
begging Heavenly Father to let there be one person who would listen to
us because I couldn’t let her down. And then we ran into a couple two
minutes later who we talked to for 10 minutes, gave out a bom, got
their number, made an appointment to met and talk about the bom next
week, and committed them to reading a scripture. WHAT THE MIRACLE. I
have never been so aware of Heavenly Father answering my prayers… I
know without a doubt that he has been listening to every one of my
thoughts and pleas this past week.

Fun things:
-I have a headache by the end of everyday from speaking Japanese. And
I’m pretty sure my Japanese has only gotten worse. Usually by the
time we arrive to the apartment I’ve resorted to pointing and hand
motions hahaha.
-we got a new rice cooker this week and you would have thought it was
a new car or something. We were soooo excited. (Btw tamagusuku shimai
and I live with two other sisters who work with people on the military
base and speak only English! If they find japanese people they have
to give them to us. Crazy!)
-I am awful at directions. Now I’m in charge of getting us everywhere
and it’s awful. We wasted two hours the other day trying to find a
house and we never did…The struggle is real. Like seriously I use
the gps on the iPad but I still can’t do it.
-highlight of the week: seeing my grandparents at the temple. Such a
special time together. Love them!

Okay, until next week! Love you all!








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