10 Nov 2014 / Anna


This week has been so good! I have been prideful and have been wanting to go as long as possible without tights… I made it until November 9th which I am pretty proud of. Pretty soon the gloves and earmuffs will appear too. So scared! Anyway, we are super busy everyday but still seeing finding miracles. It amazes me. This past week we stopped a lady in the street and talked to her for 2 minutes about families and scheduled an appointment at the church for a couple days later and she actually showed up. Like WHAT?!? That is crazy that a nice and normal Mom would do that. Anyway I love seeing these little miracles everyday.

Our investigators are so good. F San is slowly and surely progressing. We asked her to make her own baptismal date last night…. she picked November 2015. Hahaha I thought it was the most hilarious thing ever. Anyway we very calmly asked her what needs to happen before then and she gave the most profound answer ever… she said “I need to gain courage”. Her problem is that she doesn’t have any confidence in herself… and making a promise with God is too scary. So from now on we are working on small goals and promises that will lead to baptism. She is too scared to pray out loud, even with just the three of us, so we asked her to pick a date that she would pray out loud with us… November 25. So, you can see that her progress will be slow. Good thing is she started a new job and only gets one morning off a week. During her interview she asked for Sundays off and got it! I almost cried when I heard that. We bought a frame and put a really nice picture of Christ in it and wrapped it up and gave it to her. She cried.

We made a baptismal calender with N San leading to December 21… I am so nervous about her making it but I know that is not a good way to think. I need more faith! We teach word of wisdom on Wednesday which should be a make it or break it with her… pray for us!

Miracle of the week: our referral from Hiroshima… W San san! She is a super busy single mother of 3 young kids and cardiovascular surgeon. She went to Utah for a business conference and met really nice LDS people and was impressed by how much they helped her out. Well one of these LDS friends she met at the conference came to Japan to travel for 2 weeks and asked Watanabe san to come to church with her…. they went to the Hiroshima (Hikari) Ward, who gave us her information and now we are teaching her. She is unlike anybody I have taught… in our first lesson she asked about the whole black curse situation in the Book of Mormon. A part of me wanted to send her back to the Hiroshima Ward where everyone is strong and educated and where there is a Young Womens for her daughter, etc. But I know that this group needs her!

Ok on Monday we went into Hiroshima for zone pday!!! It was so much fun! Ultimate football and a crazy scavenger hunt that ended at Costco. That night all the Saijo and Hikari missionaries spent 3 hours at Hiroshima Station…. it was amazing to see all 12 missionaries in action. We handed out like 25 Book of Mormons i think. The Christmas lights were up and it was just so fun to be in a city and have it feel all festive and stuff.

We stayed over at the Hikari sister’s apartment for Zone Conference the next day… Flake and I had prepped a ton (president will call people up randomly and have them mogi) and were even trying to stop people and introduce family history through our booklets on the way to conference (that was the focus this transfer). Well anyway after training we went and ate at the Kiribayashi’s!!! They have the whole 15th floor of this super nice apartment building… and she is seriously a gourmet cook! It was so fun. Brother K. pulled out his mission pics and I got to see a picture of dad as a missionary.

Ok Saturday went to Machi’s high school festival to support her… she was teaching origami.

4 weeks ago Burgon and I housed into these Vietnamese guys… they answered the door and all 4 of them were shirtless (lets just say they are very yyoung and stuff). Well they kept trying to invite us in for water. They speak no english and almost no Japanese. Well Burgon and I thought it was the funniest thing ever and we literally couldnt stop laughing. Well anyway one of them is catholic and so we passed them to the elders and they became investigators. Well on Wednesday the elders call us and are like “hey the vietnamese guys want to cook us vietnamese dinner… and they want you two to come” hahaha lets just say it was the most amusing night ever. The food was actually pretty good!

Ok that is it! Love you all!






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