10 Nov 2014 / Erin

Hey everyone!

We had a good week of hard work and set up quite a few appointments for this week! I’m so excited!! Potential is in the air and it is making me so happy!

This week I went on splits and kaizaki shimai, who I was in the MTC with, came to yamato. Okay it was the BEST DAY OF MY LIFE. She is the best missionary ever and I learned so much from her. Earlier this week my hope and expectations were kind of down in the gutter, but she made me so excited to work again. And it’s changed everything! We’ve been having so many miracles. Or maybe I’m just finally recognizing them. Either way, it blows my mind that just because I changed my attitude, my circumstances completely changed. I need to always remember that!

On that day, we talked to so many really cool people on the streets. It just made me so happy that people were actually talking to us, whether they wanted to learn or not! I called former investigators from the area book and two of them set appointments with us and said we can come this week and teach them again! And one of the former investigators lived in redondo beach for 3 years… So cool!!! We were able to finally see a less active and teach her on her doorstep. We may or may not have snuck into her apartment complex… We kept waiting for the perfect moment when someone came out of the complex so we could catch the door, and the guard wasn’t looking. We also found the nicest lady ever… Her name is H san (shoutout to my family) and she has a hatake that she works in everyday. We passed her on our bikes and I called out to her and asked her if we could check out her garden. We started talking and she is the nicest person ever. She gave us flowers and fruits and told us to come back. Hoping that she is interested in the gospel!! And the greatest miracle of all is that we are finding so many people who are giving us their numbers and letting is contact them #hallelujiah! Seriously these past few days were an answer to my prayers!

Okay last bit on M san, the lady I mentioned last week who’s house is like a very dirty, packed museum. I found her name in the area book my first few days here and decided to give her a call. We went over two days ago for our second lesson. The Belgian waffles were still there, but this time tamagusuku SHIMAI sat next to them hahaha. So Matsuda san is 80 years old and if I were to describe her, I would use the word ‘tired.’ She lives alone and her husband died 3 years ago and it’s like she’s carrying the world on her back. I’m not sure if she’s 100% there, but she showed sincere interest so we decided to teach her the plan of salvation… We thought it would be perfect for her since she’s alone and her husband died. We we taught it and it turns out she never wants to see her husband again because she never even wanted to get married in the first place. She was not okay with the whole eternal family thing. Hahaha but the funny thing is that matsuda san’s japanese is so hard that I didn’t even know any of this until after the lesson when I was like, “that was good, right?” And then tamagusuku shimai had to fill me in on that small detail i missed. But we are still working on her! She won’t pray because she’s too shy, so I prayed and had her repeat everything I said. And we are calling her every night to pray with her. She believes that there is a god, but that she’s far and doesn’t care for us because we have so many trials. It’s a challenge but we’re working on it!

Okay love you all! Everyone please go read ether 12… The whole chapter!! It seriously changed my life this week. Love that thing. Also love this quote:

“A personal testimony of this church is the best thing you can gain in this life.”

So true!!! Love, Erin


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