01 Dec 2014 / Anna Letter

Hello Everyone!


No transfer call yet… it should come in the next couple hours. Maybe I’ll try and sneak back on so that I can tell you who my new companion is. If not you’ll just have to be patient and wait for a week! I am not training and there haven’t been that many sisters who came into the mission below me so I will probably have someone older again!


Anyway this week was so good. November is the most beautiful month in Japan for sure. Saijo is surrounded by beautiful mountains and I’ve almost wrecked like 5 times because I can’t take my eyes off of them. The colors of the trees make the mountains look so beautiful. Also the weather has been so prime… still got away with not wearing a cardigan or jacket last week. But it’s way cold now and people are sayng snow flurries tomorrow.


This week was good because….

– On Monday we spent the whole day in Hiroshima! First for double zone thanksgiving meal… which was kind of disappointing (shout out to chicken and instant mased potatoes) but whatever it’ll make my next Thanksgiving at home even more special, right?!? Then we shopped in the city and I was FREAKING OUT I don’t know how Erin is not broke. It was sooooo fun to be somewhere with Christmas lights up and a busy feeling. And then a family in the Hikari Ward had all 8 Saijo missionaries over for FHE… my first real time being hosted by a real Japanese family for real dinner. It was so beautiful I shed tears. Not really but you know what I mean. Mom and Dad, we played bozu game which I had completely forgot existed until they pulled it out. So fun.


– Some way interesting contacts while housing this week… a lady on the street who is a young Mom of 4 and has 6 months to live because of cancer. We were blown away and so I told her about how my mom was sick but how I found hope through the POS and stuff. Well we tried our best but she didn’t really want anything to do about God. The funny thing was that she was way happy and confident… more so than the usual Japanese person you meet on the street. It was so inspiring. I’m glad she has something that is helping her. Another man we ran into was in Hiroshima when he nuclear bomb went off… we asked him how it was. He was quiet for a little while and then just said “it was very hot”. We run into a lot of people who experienced that day here. It is inspiring to hear their stories of miracles and survival and finding family. One lady said she hid under a plastic bin and didn’t get injured at all or any effects or anything. A huge miracle. She then turned to God after that because she said she knew he had to exist.


-Thursday was Thanksgiving and it was way weird and kind of sad because we didn’t do anything and didn’t remember it was Thanksgiving until we were eating like a salad or something for dinner and it was silent in our apartment with just the 2 of us eating and we were like “oh… happy thanksgiving”


-N san is doing way good! Her baptismal interview is this Wednesday. We mogi’d it on Sunday but she is WAY nervous so everyone pray for her!! I can’t describe what it is like to help someone on their path to baptism but I can only say that I know for sure that she was a prepared person that God wanted us to find. Because in no way could our teaching contribute to the growth and change that she id experiencing now. We weren’t even scared to teach her the commandments because we knew she would do whatever she needed to do to follow them. Also another happy thing is that she and Takeda Shimai are bffs! Takeda Shimai got baptized a week before Flake and I became companions… Flake and Tseng taught her. Well we had Takeda joint for every one of Nakayama’s lessons. Now they hang out and just chat all the time and stuff. MIRACLES.


Ok sorry that was so much stuff and kind of boring too. Oh yeah OUR WHOLE MISSION IS GETTING TOGETHER IN FUKUOKA ON MONDAY!!!! Biggest shock of our lives when they made that announcement. They said someone special is coming to train us… I am so so so so excited to finally see my friends from the MTC. Anyway this is a way big deal because they have to fly everyone into Fukuoka from Okinawa and stuff… this isn’t like Erin’s mission where it happens all the time. Anyway the point is that I ahve no idea when I will be emailing next… probably next Tuesday.


OK I LOVE YOU! Thanks for everything! Bye!



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