01 Dec 2014 / Erin Letter

Transfer #4…….And tamagusuku shimai and I are staying together in Yamato!  I’m so glad I’m staying here… I feel like there’s so much work for me to do.  And I’m so excited because we found amazing people this past week!  There is hope! After emails last Monday we taught a lesson to a former investigator and were returning home when we decided to walk through a park because there were a ton of people.  We had a few good conversations  and we were almost back to our bikes when I decided to turn the opposite direction and talk to a lady who was sitting on a bench reading a book.  BEST DECISION EVER.  This lady’s name is K san and she is the best thing that has happened to me this past 6 weeks.  We talked for a while about church and God and us as missionaries.  We read from the Book of Mormon with her and found out that she has a ton of interest in Christ and going to church.  She lives far but came to English class on Wednesday and our ward sports activity on Saturday and church on Sunday.  And I’ve had great conversations with her at these activities… Eternal families, the sacrament, why we go on missions.  She is so prepared!!  But the best part is that she has brought her two adult daughters and their little kids with her!  So the whole family, in just a week, has become great friends with our ward and familiar with church.  We taught them a lesson on Sunday and have an appointment for this week.  And these woman are so ready for the truth… They are searching for it!  So basically let’s give it up for THE BEST THANKSGIVING MIRACLE EVER.  So grateful and so excited to be working with the Kikuchi family. I think part of the reason I’m still freaking out about K San is because tamagusuku shimai and I are seriously cursed.  This past transfer 95% of our appointments have cancelled or not shown up or disappeared from the face of the earth.  This week, once again, were were left waiting at the church with our notes and material we studied all morning.  The lady (who we met on the street) never showed up and isn’t answering our calls.  Our other hopeful investigators cancelled three times this week.  So basically I’m hoping that his transfer things will start turning around! Other random things of the week: -on Tuesday night we were waiting at a stoplight and a lady next to me had a Kate spade bag.  I complimented her on it and we talked about how much we love Kate spade (shoutout to Makell and Julia) and so now we have an appointment to teacher her next week.  Thank you designer hand bags. -thanksgiving was great!  But they changed the dinner time to and hour and a half earlier and didn’t tell tamagusuku shimai and I.  So I get a call when we are far away visiting a less active that they already started eating.  ALMOST cried and we definitely deserved our dinner because we sprinted the whole way to the train station and to the base.  Tamagusuku shimai was so confused about the food and kept asking me what it was.  I had no clue how to explain green bean casserole or the flavor of stuffing.  But it was fun because I had to translate for her the whole time… The tables were finally turned 🙂 -so funny when I pass a huge group of elementary school students and they all shout “外人! アメリカ人!” (Foreigner!  American!) and start pointing at me.  And then they freak out when I speak Japanese to them hahaha. Well I’m having a good time here!  I’m so excited to keep working and hopefully see progress with investigators and people we meet.  This past week I studied a lot from the Book of Mormon about the atonement. And while I was studying the love and gratitude I have for the Book of Mormon and atonement just kind of overwhelmed me.  I can’t even describe it, but these things are amazing.  I love it! Love, Erin


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