08 Dec 2014 / Anna Letter

Hello Everyone!


First item of business, as ususal, is the weather. Well winter hit! It snowed a couple of times already… not much but pretty good flurries and snow covering the cars and rooftops in the morning. It is a major struggle when you have that 6-9pm finding time and you think you might die because your toes and fingers are in so much pain. Oh well I will be spending all my money to find the best brand of foot warmer things!


Saying goodbye to Flake Shimai was so hard! Sister Sanford is my new companion and we also got 2 new Japanese elders in Saijo… so it’s a Japanese party right now… hopefully my language can improve a ton this transfer!


A couple big things the past couple days…

– Remember how our mission had a big goal of having 200 nonmembers at church on fast Sunday in September? Well President wanted to do it again, except 250, on December 7th. Well we worked hard and used all our charm to try and get all our potential, current, and past investigators to church… and Sister Sanford and I had 11 come!!! It was amazing! And the most amazing things happened: N san brought her 13 year old daughter for the first time! We want to (and hopefully do) start teaching her soon! And Watanabe was able to come with her 3 kids too! We are ready to start a Young Women’s in Saijo!


-Fe Shimai is a long-time member who was baptized in the Philipines when she was 16. Her husband is Japanese and has always been against the church… very buddhist. Well lately he has been changing and was baptized on Sunday… and he will baptize their 8 year old daughter this next Sunday! A happy day for Saijo!


– Going into Fukuoka yesterday was so much fun! We got to take the shinkansen (bullet train) both ways. Elder Heaton’s daughter is in our mission and just ended her mission with Flake Shimai so he came to pick her up and did a big training while at it. Bummer that we didn’t get ipads though… Anyway it was so fun to see everyone and finally she my girls from the MTC! And all the missionaries who ever served in Saijo got together for a picture and it was awesome.


Ok other than that everything is good! Nakayama will be baptized this Saturday at 2 pm! I love you all!






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