08 Dec 2014 / Erin Letter

Hey everyone!

Went to the temple today so I literally only have like 10 minutes.
But we had an amazing week… Basically the Holy Ghost has become my
best friend and I don’t go anywhere without him.  Seriously though,
I’ve been praying so hard to work through the Holy Ghost and we having
been finding some craaaaazy prepared people.  I’ve started praying on
the street or wherever we are if I don’t know where to go.  And
tamagusuku shimai gets so embarrassed that she walks away from me and
waits under a tree or something hahaha but it’s works!!

We had only 10 minutes to Dendo one night and we were at a place that
was surrounded by 15 HUGE multi complex apartments, each with numerous
entrances.  Prayed and asked where to go.  I picked a complex and then
an entrance that felt right.  We started form the top and went to the
bottom knocking on doors.  And the very last door we knocked on, lo
and behold, we met o san.  A 35 year old mom with two young kids
who stayed with a Christian family in Texas for two weeks when she was
in high school.  She wanted to learn so we went back a few days later
and taught her the restoration.  We are teaching the plan of salvation
tomorrow!  Can I just give a shout out to the spirit… Best thing
ever.  We found another lady yesterday just like that.  Turned around
twice because I felt like there was someone we needed to talk to.

K San came to stake conference and cried through two of the
talks because she felt the spirit so much!!!  BEST THING EVER when
people cry.  We are teaching her whole family this week!  It’s hard
because their family has three adults and they all want to be taught
together but they all have different jobs so they can never find a
time.  But we are praying for them!!

So it was a great week for missionary work.  But it’s freezing cold
now so sometimes I want to die.

Have a good week!

Okonomiyaki so celebrate another transfer.
SAI SHIMAI took us our for sushi!!


image6  image4


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