15 Dec 2014 / Anna Letter

Hello Everyone!


Ok so best week ever because on Saturday N san was baptized!! Sometimes I still can’t believe she got baptized. I can’t believe I met her in the street on my second full day in Japan and somehow we went from meeting in the parking lot in front of a grocery store to her coming to church every week and now she is a member. We start teaching her daughter on Sunday.


It was an amazing service. The spirit was super strong. I gave her introduction. Sanford Shimai and Sister Kiribayashi gave talks. After the baptism N san bore her testimony and then we all went and got Mister Donut. Poor lady had wet hair and it was snowing and everything.


I will never forget the moment she came out of the water. She was seriously different! I am not even kidding. She wouldn’t get out of the water because she wouldn’t stop thanking Elder Takayama for baptizing her… and then she got out and it was just the 3 of us and we told us how warm and happy she felt. It was so special. I wish you all could have been there and I wish Burgon and Flake could have been standing next to me too.


That night we had an appointment. We showed up the the apartment and the girls weren’t home so we were like “dang it we have to knock on houses for the last hour of the day and it is freezing”. Except then this lady who answered the door let us in and sat us down and we taught her about Christ and made an appointment to come back. It was the craziest end to the craziest day. I don’t understand how God works but it is awesome to be able to see it. Saijo is for sure a sanctified place.


Other than that it has been cold but awesome. It is so fun to knock on doors during Christmas time and talk about Christmas… people shut you down a little bit slower haha.


Watanabe san came to the baptism with her kids… she is for sure getting baptized too.


Can’t wait to skype next week! Love you all!

IMG_1725 IMG_1728 IMG_1731 IMG_1749


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