15 Dec 2014 / Erin Letter

Hey everyone! Okay this week was the best!  We are finally teaching real lessons and I am loving it. Also this past week we asked 4 people to be baptized and it was all their first or second lesson hahaha.  But 2 of them said that if they get an answer to their prayer, they will!  So we’re praying like crazy for them!  But I want to talk about our amazing people… K San:  she shocks me every time we meet with how prepared she is!  She is SO tune with the spirit and has so much faith already. The problem is she has two daughters in their 20’s, A and C.  And those two each have a few kids of their own.  And they all want to take lessons together but they have different jobs and daycares and schools and only one daughter can drive and that one daughter works at a convenience store with crazy hours so it’s the hardest thing ever getting to meet with them.  But we finally got to teach K san and C again yesterday and it was the best thing ever!  K San had the hardest questions like what hallelujah means and why some children are born when they die as babies and why God still loves satan, even though he is evil.  Thank goodness for members because I can barely answer those questions in English.  But at the end of the lesson, K  San turned to me and asked me why I had stopped her at the park and started talking to her. She said that she thinks it was an answer to her prayers.  So amazing!!  The spirit is working with her so much and I am so grateful that I get to witness it.  I know without a doubt that the spirit led us to her because she needs this gospel!  I LOVE THIS! O san:  the sad news is that o san loves learning and she reads the Book of Mormon and completely gets the gospel but she refuses to feel the spirit or act, so she has zero faith.  She said she doesn’t need to pray about our message because she understands it. And after us testifying like there is no tomorrow, she told us that she won’t enter our church, or even come on Sundays.  She just wants us to teach her.  So we’re going back one more time to give her a short, do-or-die message.  PRAYING that she will feel the spirit and change her mind and heart.  Also she doesn’t let us in her house, so we stand in her genkan and teach.  So there’s me, my companion, and a member all standing packed together in the little entryway.  And we’re burning hot because we have our huge jackets and scarves on and we’re holding our scriptures and pamphlets and I pad and bag and trying to open to a scripture is like a circus act.  But I guess that shows where oguma San really is… She won’t let us into her house and she won’t let the gospel into her heart. Other things: -I lost my companion for AN HOUR AND A HALF one night when it was freezing cold and dark.  Let’s just say that she has major issues with the whole “you have to stay together” thing and really doesn’t want to do it sometimes. -I can’t think of anything fun to write about SORRY! Okay thanks for your prayers and emails!  Love you all!! Erin

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