17 Nov 2014 / Anna Letter

Hello Everyone!

I am doing way good! So happy and so busy! It got way cold this week… had to borrow Flake Shimai’s scarves, etc. Not looking forward to the winter, but at least the holidays are coming up 🙂 You better believe we have MoTab’s Xmas Album playing 24/7 already.

Ok so this week…

-N San is doing soooo good! I was like super nervous for the word of wisdom lesson but it turned out awesome… her only problem ended up being coffee, but she has replaced her morning cup with water everyday. She is so ready to get baptized and wants the holy ghost so bad… we moved her baptismal date up to December 13th. I am nervous and in doubt and scared and excited. She is an amazing person though… to see her past and where she has come from and where she is now, even from where she was when we stopped her on the road in August, is so inspiring. I look at her life and her experiences and know for sure that God is looking out for her. Well anyway someday I will send an email all about her.

-We met a guy housing this week who was quite surprised to see us… he was a college student in Japan during the Vietnamese War and for some reason wasn’t able to study at that time because of the war. So he met 2 elders and hung out with them all the time because he didn’t have anything else to do. They made a huge impact on his life (he still remembers their names). However, he hasn’t seen  seen missionaries since then. It is so cool to see those little miracles.

– H San san got baptized yesterday! That is the 4th Saijo baptism since I’ve been here. It is so cool to see the growth that has taken place since I came in July… callings are being extended and our small group is growing.. people are becoming friends with each other etc. Well anyway H San is someone Burgon and I housed into a couple months ago. We invited him to the barbeque in September and then went back and invited him to church… we were so surprised when he came!!! Then we passed him the the elders.

Ok that is about i! Sorry today is so rushed and random. I love being here! I love knocking on interesting houses just to see what kind of people live in them. I love talking to 90 year old women in the street who are riding their bikes just as fast as we are.

Have a good week!



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