24 Nov 2014 / Anna Letter



So I know that all I did last week was complain about the weather and then this week it ended up being super nice… it really was cold 2 weeks ago, I promise!! But this past week was so nice and we even got to spend a few hours in the middle of the day in our short sleeves!! Soaking it up while I can!!


TIme is flying… Friday will be my 6 month mark and the transfer ends next week (heads up email on Tuesday). It’s weird because today Flake and I went to the post office to send most of her things home in boxes, and I swear I was just doing that same thing with Burgon yesterday. Anyway it is going so fast so I am just trying to enjoy it while I can! The last 6 weeks have been the best yet so I cannot wait to see what next transfer brings.


Some things this week…

-Finished the commandments with N San! Now prep for baptism!

-Flake accidentally said that in the temple you can have eternal flying squirrels instead of eternal sealings during a lesson… so funny

-Saijo is the best because you don’t really have rules so the missionaries can throw “ward activities” whenever they want. Soooo the elders wanted to go bowling so we decided to make it a “ward activity” and invited all the group members and investigators to come bowling on Saturday. It was a great turnout and ended up being super fun and really awesome for missionary work too.

-Most stressful Sunday ever! Got a call from Fe Shimai on Saturday who said she couldn’t teach Sunday School the next day… which means it was my turn and it happened to be the Sunday that all the Hiroshima relief society ladies were visiting.  No prep time at all but I ended up winging it pretty well

-Going into Hiroshima today for a zone pday… we are going to try and have “thanksgiving dinner” together. Hahaha we will see how that goes.

-Biggest miracle ever: soooo flake and I were climbing the stairs of an apartment building to visit a recent convert. A 20-ish girl is outside of her door smoking and stops us and asks if we speak English. We say yes and she says “come in”. Hahaha so we went in. Turns out these 4 girls from the philipines are in saijo right now working at a factory to save and send money to their families back home (super common here… same deal as the vietnamese guys). Anyway we just said hi and asked if we could come back 2 days later. We went back with no plan, just wanted to become friends with them. Well they had dinner ready for us and started asking questions about religion. Flake and I ended up teaching them the entire restoration. We made an appointment to go back with Tagalog BOMs and watch the restoration video with them. It was the most amazing thing I had ever experienced and the spirit was super strong.


Ok have to go!!! Thanks for everything! EAT LOTS OF TURKEY AND MASHED POTATOES FOR ME!!!!



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