24 Nov 2014 / Erin Letter

This week I will hit my 6 month mark say WHAAAT I only have a year
left?!  So crazy!  I swear time is passing so fast, but at the same
time it feels like I left on a mission forever ago… Non-missionary
life seems weird.  But thank you everyone for your super nice emails
after my depressing one last week!  You are all the best!

Okay news of the week:
-we have biked our whole area… Many times.  It only takes an hour
and a half to bike from the top to the bottom… And about an hour to
bike across it.  Pretty small but so many people!
-I love less actives!!  So much.  It has been such a blessing to work
with them have help them strengthen their testimony, as well as have
my testimony be strengthened by theirs.  Seriously though, the less
actives here have become by best friends and it feels good to make a
difference.  After a really long time of not coming, Sai SHIMAI has
coming to church two weeks in a row.  She said it’s because our weekly
visits have been giving her power.  At church she refuses to sit any
other way except in between tamagusuku shimai and I because she wants
to be surrounded by the power hahaha.
-I attempted to make banana bread in our rice cooker this week.  The
results:  banana rubber/plastic.  Test 2 will definitely be happening
this week… I’m determined to make it work!
-this has happened so many times this transfer: I say hi to people and
ask them a question and they look at me then turn to Tamagusuku shimai
and start talking and tell her to translate for her American friend
later hahaha.
-so I like to ride my bike really fast and tamagusuku shimai is
really, really slow.  And she zones out a lot while riding so
sometimes she doesn’t notice when I’ve turned or crossed the street.
I may or may not have lost her for a good 10 minutes one night in the
dark.  Serious panic was happening.
-we went over to an Indian lady’s house for lunch.  We met her at the
train station and she invited us to eat with her some time.  The bad
news:  it turned into her telling us all about the Indian temples and
gods and prayer and telling us that our temples and prayer were wrong.
The good news: we gave her a Hindu Book of Mormon.  The bad news:  the
food was so spicy that my eyes were watering and I almost couldn’t
talk and I used a a whole box of tissues haha.

And the best part of the week:  we have been meeting some really
awesome people on the street and getting their numbers and it makes me
SOOO excited because it gives me the best hope ever.  Our streeting
has been so fulfilling… We have read Moroni 7:45 with people while
standing on the side of busy streets, talked about the restoration to
a 45 year old business woman, and  testified of families to busy moms.
  We were able to teach a 10 minute version of the plan of salvation
this week when we were housing.  And while I was talking to a woman
about eternal families this week while we were walking to the train
station, she suddenly looked up at the sky and was like, “it’s so
pretty isn’t it?  Sky blue.”  And I was just like OKAY I LOVE THE SKY
in that moment.  We still don’t have any investigators and the
challenges are hard,  but I am so grateful for this opportunity.  I’m
grateful for our Heavenly Father and the millions of blessings he
gives us.  Like the sky.

Love you!



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