02 Feb 2015 / Anna Letter

Hello Everyone!!


Welcome February…. Sister Sanford and I have been dreading this month for a while but so far the weather has been pretty nice! 2 days down, 26 to go…


This was a good week! Our investigators are doing well. After our lesson with Ak-chan Sister Sanford looked at me and said “you’re really good at being a 13 year old” hahaha and she is so right. It’s like the best hour of the week when we teach her. This past week I drew a huge intersection and made this whole analogy with traffic lights and commandments… she is doing so well and we are going to move her baptismal date up to this month… except she is so busy that the earliest we can do it is Feb 28… which is TWO DAYS after transfers. Which means there is a 99% chance I will miss her baptism by 2 days. It makes me want to cry but it’s ok. Anyway she is like obsessed with this boy band… every time we go over she has a new magazine sitting out on the table. And after the lesson she always waits for a couple silent seconds until we ask “is that a new magazine?” and then her face lights up and she opens it up and we spend then next 20 minutes talking about how each member of the group is doing haha. I have all their names down.


We are going to call Yo later today… so no news until next week.


I love Sundays because it is when you see miracles. I just had my 6th fast Sunday in Saijo. Crazy. Anyway, remember how me and Burgon knocked on Ha san’s door and he got baptized? Well his nephew is getting baptized on Sunday. He is 15 and so cute and wants to go on a mission so much. He got up and bore his testimony and it was amazing. This group has grown so much since I first got here. Now we have a YW and YM every week… all the youth are just investigators too! YW, YM and primary and sunday school all meet in the same tiny room with dividers separating us. It is hard to hear. Hopefully we will move soon!


Sorry that is it… no exciting news. Love you all!



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