02 Feb 2015 / Erin Letter

So I don’t really know what happened this week… It went by way fast
and all I remember is that we were super tired and a bunch of random
things happened.  But it was good!  The progression for our
investigators as taken a little break… The ks have the
influenza and Ke worked until 8 pm every night so we haven’t been
able to meet at all. But I’m hoping we get back into the lessons this
week.  But back to the random stuff…

-Basically you really want us to be your missionaries because we will
deliver packages full of food and fun stuff at your door.  Ch
san has a super hard time coming to church because it’s her only day
off so she usually sleeps until the afternoon.  So we delivered her a
“you can do it” package with an sleep eye mask and breakfast foods and
snacks.  It was my grand plan to make her feel guilty so then she has
to come to church, right?  Well then she got the flu. So we biked 40
minutes back the next night with soup and liahonas and motab CDs to
the rescue. And since ke san’s super busy, we delivered her a box
with her favorite snacks and a bunch of chocolate to help her brought
work. We wrote “survival kit” on the top and left it in front of her
door and hid behind the bushes to watch her open it.  BAD IDEA she
almost called the police.  I realize that we should have put something
on it other than “survival kit” because that hints at something a
little dangerous hahaha. But it was way funny to watch her and Charles
because they flung the box open and ran away expecting it to blow up
or something hahahaha.

-on Sunday hart shimai and I took up a whole row of seats with our 3
less actives and random eikaiwa student and I felt like a proud

-taught a lesson to two teenage sisters who moved here from India a
few years ago… And we got to eat at their indo curry shop!  The 15
year old is way cool and has awesome interest… She has no clue who
God or Jesus are but she asked about the scars in Jesus’s hands and
she completely got the atonement… So cool!  Hard thing is that they
don’t know church words in japanese!

-had another big cookie making party with ward members and PI’s we met
this last week.  So funny because we call them and invite them to
church or to hear our message and they say they’re super busy and have
no time.  So then I’m like: “well we are actually teaching how to make
AMERICAN cookies at the church on Saturday night!” PI: “oh well
saturday actually just cleared up… Looks like I can go!”  Hahaha and
then we just start teaching at the end and sneak the lesson in.

-on Friday it snowed and freezing rained all day and our appointments
called us to cancel because they didn’t want us to leave our apartment
in the bad weather and didn’t want us to bike on the ice.  You can
imagine how frantic we were at trying to tell them that if they
cancelled, we would have to spend all day out in the ice and snow.

Okay sorry this is so random, but I’m still doing good! Loving it here
even though it’s freezing and we are wet a good part of the time. Love
you all and hope you have the best week!


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