05 Jan 2015 / Anna Letter

Hello Everyone!


If I actually put subject titles to my emails this week’s would be “I don’t know how I am still alive/how I will make it to March”. Haha this ice was pretty bad this week… Sister Sanford wiped out way bad and was down for 2 whole days because she couldn’t put any weight on her leg. I totally ate it and landed on my head… the left side of my face is bruised haha. The concrete is my new bff!


It was a way good week to be in the apartment though… Japan’s New Year is definitely America’s Christmas… every single one of our investigators told us they couldn’t meet from December 25-January 5… so we deep-cleaned our apartment and organized records and stuff like that. Sorry nothing too exciting!


Good news from this past week:

-We went to go visit N shimai and watched The Testaments with her and her 3 year old daughter (our investigator Achan). It was soooo cute because she had her baptismal certificate and a picture of christ and the baptism hanging on her wall.

-One of Burgon’s last weeks here we knocked on this guy’s door and he said he was interested in hearing what we had to say… so we went back with the elders a couple weeks later. Well he is getting BAPTIZED this Sunday!!! So happy!  That means all 3 companionships in Saijo had a baptism this transfer.

-Our group is growing and is definitely branch-size. It is a completely different place than when I first got here and it is amazing to see. Sister Sanford and I really want to be able to go to the temple with all of these recent converts so we are going to have a special temple prep meeting for the group… we are training in callings and t eaching about patriarchal blessings and it is so cool to see the growth.

– We knocked on this door and a man answered… we taught him about baptism and he was way awesome. He said he would want to hear more from the elders but couldn’t make an appointment. So we said bye and then I called the elders and told them where we were and said “if you come right now he will let you in!” so they booked it over and we knocked on the door and were like “surprise! came back with our friends!” haha it was way funny but way awesome and he let them in.


Ok that is pretty much it! Love you all!





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