05 Jan 2015 / Erin Letter

Hey everyone!!

So New Years week in Japan as a missionary means this: 1. members will
feed you so much food that it will make you never want to eat again
and 2. Investigators and everyone else living in the near vicinity
won’t meet with you or leave their house because it’s their New Year’s

… But it was really fun!!  Dendo was really hard because everyone
stayed in their houses so we couldn’t find many people who would talk
to us out on the streets.  But when we knocked on their houses they
got mad at us for interrupting their break and family time.  Also, our
three progressing investigators have completely stopped contacting
us… Even Ki San and her family!  She hasn’t answered her phone
in a week.  We have visited her but she wasn’t home.  We were supposed
to have a lesson and she’s been coming to church every week but this
week she didn’t come…it’s like she disappeared.  Same thing with
Hi san.  I am PRAYING that this is a weird New Years thing and
that it’ll go back to normal this week!!!

But it was an awesome week for really helping ward members and getting
to know them.  It was fun to visit families and share a message and
give them a challenge for this new year.

My favorite part of the week was talking to people on the street… We
had some really awesome conversations and got to talk with people
about life and pull out the Book of Mormon and read it with them.  I
loved getting to know them and recognizing their needs and being able
to share a scripture that will help them.  Forget baptisms and stats
and investigators, just the four or five minutes I spend talking to
someone on the street about their family, and being able to share a
scripture that shows them how their family can be blessed, makes me
sooooo happy.  Those few minutes make this whole year and a half worth
it.  Regardless of whether the person takes the Book of Mormon or not,
or will meet with us again or not, it is amazing that I get the
opportunity to give them a little peace of the perfect truth, of hope,
of happiness, of light.  And after just a few minutes of talking to
someone, I love them so much.  These people are amazing… Everyone we
talk to everyday.  Sometimes when I’m talking to them I just want to
be like YOU ARE A CHILD OF GOD.  THAT IS AMAZING. I am so lucky to
have the opportunity to meet so many of them everyday.

Fun things of the week:

-I have a ranking of convenience store bathrooms from best to worst…
Family mart takes the win.   #missionarylife
-our mission is really small so it’s hit the max amount of
missionaries it can take.  So from here on out, we can’t increase in
number.  So this next transfer only 2 missionaries are coming in, and
they are both sisters!
-when we talk to people on the street, it’s always the prettiest and
super fashionable people that are the hardest to talk to because it’s
super intimidating.  So funny because sometimes two females are
walking towards us, and one is a grandma and one is a college student
who looks like a model and it’s really hard not to just talk to the
grandma every time. When I was on splits, me and my companion were so
nervous but we challenged ourselves and tried to talk to the college
girl, and we were so proud hahaha
– a member gave me an ENGLISH church cd she has and asked me to
translate it into japanese… LITERALLY SO HARD.
-one of our less actives is from Peru and her japanese isn’t very
good.  So our lessons are hilarious because I speak English and
tamagusuku shimai speaks japanese and the less active speaks Spanish
and no one knows what the heck is going on.
-we had a lesson with a high school student but made okonomiyaki with
her at the church before.  I accidently put the whole mix in, which
made enough for 12 people.  There were only four of us…
-I made tamagusuku shimai get up way early on New Year’s Day so we
could bike to a park and watch the sunrise.  I had a grand plan of how
we were going to talk to people as the sun was rising and tell them
about God and the purpose of life.  TOTAL FAIL.  The park was
deserted.  Funny story though hahaha.
– a young women bore her testimony on Sunday and said her friend
texted her a picture of the Book of Mormon and said she got it from a
girl from America and a girl from Japan… Yep that’s us hahaha.

Okay love you all have the best week ever!!!


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